Sleepy Hollow S01 E10: The Golem

Henry & Ichabod ep 10

Secrets were revealed last episode, but we are left with a mystery. Ichabod has a son! Yes, my little sleepy heads, a bouncy baby boy, but Katrina forgot to mention this little gem during her ghostly appearances to Ichabod. Abbie got the scoop on the birth through a vision while saving a socialite from a possessed tree. It might have been a rabid Ent. So, now we are left with oodles of questions. Will Ichabod learn the fate of his son? Why did Katrina keep the boy secret? Who will be the newest creature of the week? Find out after the jump.

Where Is Jeremy?

Yes, the plot thickens as Ichabod who is not feeling the Christmas spirit at all tell Abbie that he won’t rest until he finds his son. Well that might be a bit hard to do since the child was born a few hundred years ago. No problem, Ichabod has a plan. The Sin Eater arrives and helps Ichabod visit the other side, by choking Ichabod senseless. I loved when Ichabod and Abbie bantered back and forth about the meaning of words; then and now. Back then if you were having intercourse, you were talking.

Abbie &Henry

Katrina’s explanation of why she had to give the boy away, doesn’t make sense, she mumbles something about the sisterhood of the four who speak as one. She makes a special doll; a familiar to protect the boy. It’s a Golem and it will protect Jeremy when he is in danger. When Ichabod returns from his purgatory visit with Katrina; the Golem follows.

Ichabod estimates that there could be thousands of his descendants around, if Jeremy lived. Abbie and Ichabod talk Henry Parrish (John Noble) into helping them. I like John Noble and I like when he’s in an episode. He’s like a paranormal Adrian Monk; with plenty of paranoia. Ichabod and his team all head over to the Historical Society, where the library records report that Jeremy was a precocious child with a knack for starting fires. Not the sort of thing that endears him to his foster parents. Jeremy lands in an orphanage run by an abusive priest.

ep 10 Macey Irving

Captain Irving is having his own problems. He and his pastor talk about old and new testaments and Captain Irving, who is not into the business of gospels, walks out. Later when he spends some quality time with his daughter Macey (Amandla Steinberg), a few of Moloch’s pesky demons threaten him. Did you recognize the girl who plays Macey Irving? She played Rue in The Hunger Games. I’m so excited that she is on the show.

The Sisterhood

The murder of the Historical Society’s librarian by the Golem, somehow leads Ichabod and friends to a carnival, because where else would you find a coven of witches, right? I’ve seen my share of ugly witches, but apparently the Sleepy Hollow Coven doesn’t cover dental care. The four witches better known as ‘the four who speak as one’ tell Ichabod that they buried his son alive. Well that sucks! Ichabod is upset to say the least and the Golem makes his scheduled appearance at the carnival.



We’re not sure if Jeremy died, because as a firestarter, he could burn his way out of that grave, but for now, Ichabod thinks the boy is dead. The Sleepy Hollow witches are a hoot to watch, but they’re no match for the ladies who attend Miss Robichaux’s School. Fiona Goode would wipe the floor with them. The creature of the week was interesting and based on ancient myth, but the show needs to up its level of horror to keep us tuned in. See you next week, my little sleepy heads.

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