Dracula S01 E06: Of Monsters and Men

Dracula - Season 1

Last week’s episode was all about friends and their secrets. Dracula saved Renfield from the clutches of Browning’s torturers and he danced with Mina. But, did that little waltz around the room reveal a secret that can be used against him? Nothing gets past Ninja Jayne. Suspicions are growing; no one ever sees Grayson during the day. Will Van Helsing perfect the serum that will enable our little stud bunny to walk in the sun? Find out after the jump.

Dracula - Season 1

Best Laid Plans

Those merry men of the Brotherhood of the Dragon, Lords Browning (Ben Miles) and Davenport (Robert Bathurst), are convinced that Grayson is the master vampire, plus they hate this American upstart and need a reason to kill him. Ninja Jayne (Victoria Smurfit) tells them they are wrong, but Browning schedules a stock holder’s meeting to be held outside on a sunny day. Grayson will lose his company if he fails to show. He gives Van Helsing a deadline; now or never. Good news: Dracula and Van Helsing have located a final component for their wireless electricity technology to be a success. It’s up for sale. Bad news: The Brotherhood of the Dragon wants it too.

While dinning with Ninja Jayne, Grayson notices Mina, Lucy and Jonathan at another table. He stops by to apologize and tells them the food and wine is on him. Dracula’s attempt to apologize for his abrupt departure from the engagement party may have backfired because our two lovers, tipsy on all that wine, go home and consummate their love. Oh yes they did.

Dracula - Season 1

Mina has found the vial of blood that Van Helsing has hidden in his laboratory. After studying the blood under a microscope, she injects a dead rat with the blood. I can see it now; Mickey the Vampire. Van Helsing walks in on Mina as she rifling through his files. Mina questions him about the blood and Van Helsing takes out his hammer. Holy Thor!

Dracula - Season 1

Luckily for Mina, Van Helsing changes his mind.  Later, while planning for her wedding, Mina is shocked when she learns Lucy’s (Katie McGrath) true feelings for her. Really, Mina, you had no idea, even after all those pajama parties? Poor Lucy was given the wrong advice from Jayne. I’m having a hard time connecting with Mina. I think Dracula is better suited with the fabulous Ninja Jayne. Don’t you?

Jonathan Harker is approached by Browning and given a ticket to see a show. He is upset to see Vera as one of the cast of the show.


Conclusion and Spoiler Alerts

Armed with a new potent serum and a means of delivering powerful electrical currents, Dracula is placed on a contraption that resembles something right out of an old Frankenstein movie. But, the treatment works and Grayson makes his grand entrance into the shortest board meeting ever. The meeting is a success; the treatment not so much. Sunscreen hasn’t been invented yet. It was great to see Renfield (Nonso Anozie) back on his feet. The show would not be the same without him. The show is getting good and hopefully when it returns on January 3, 2014, Jonathan Rhys Meyers will be drug free and NBC will sign him up for another season. Maybe will find out what happened to the vampire rat.

See you in January, my little blood suckers.


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