Dracula S01 E05: The Devil’s Waltz

Dracula the waltz with Mina

I’m getting to love this show, but rumor has it that NBC might cancel the series if star Jonathan Rhys Meyers doesn’t clean up his drug problem. Pay attention, Jonathan! Steampunk Granny wants to give you a bit of advice. “Snap out of it and get your damn act together. You’re way too talented to throw your life away.” Okay now that I got that out of my system, let’s review the show. Renfield has been captured by Davenport’s men. Will Dracula be able to save his right hand man? Find out after the jump.

Dracula - Season 1


While Mina sleeps, Grayson watches, imitating a scene from the film, Twilight. Mina and Grayson get it on, but was it a dream? Mina’s not sure and she begins to doubt her commitment to Harker. Van Helsing and Dracula are doing experiments on a female vampire, and if said experiment works; Dracula can walk in the sun. They need the power of electricity to start the vampire’s heart, and we viewers witness the use of the first cardiac defibrillator.

Harker is sent to spy on Colonel Shaw, who is found to be taking bribes from the powerful petroleum cartel aka, Order of the Dragon. Renfield (Nonso Anozie) is interrogated by a female agent working for Lord Davenport. She wants to know one secret; who does Grayson love? The torture scenes are brutal to watch, but necessary to show how loyal Renfield is to Dracula.

Dracula is worried about his friend and loyal companion and sends Harker on another scouting trip to find out what he can about Renfield’s disappearance. In flashbacks, we learn how Grayson and Renfield meet and why they are such good friends and comrades. They have, over time, come to each other’s aid against some really nasty men.

Dracula - Season 1

Party Time

Everyone is getting ready for the big engagement bash. Lucy is directing the proceedings and she doesn’t mind spending the money offered by Grayson. The scene is set and guests begin to appear. Lady Jane was invited as is Lord Davenport and Browning (Ben Miles). Dracula/Grayson is no dummy he knows the best way to spy on your enemies is to keep them close. Everyone is there, except for the host, Grayson. Where is he?

Now that the sun has set, Dracula drives a car and searches for Renfield. A book was dropped by one of the kidnappers. Harker found it and now Dracula uses his hound dog sense of smell to follow the trail. It seemed pretty strange that people walking on the streets of London didn’t think a well-dressed man sniffing the sidewalk wasn’t a bit strange. When Dracula finally finds Renfield, he goes berserk on the people who’ve tortured his man. This scene alone made the show, awesome. Kudos to Dracula!

Dracula - Season 1

The Waltz

Harker is a dumb bunny and deserves what he gets for letting Grayson have the first dance with Mina. When Dracula takes Mina into his arms, everyone watching realizes that this is much more than a dance between a young woman and her fiancée’s boss; it is a waltz of love. Harker cuts in and Grayson reacts in a murderous way.

Dracula - Season 1

Conclusion and Spoiler Alert

Harker is still alive; Grayson was only thinking bad thoughts. Lady Jane catches Lucy’s reaction as Grayson and Mina dance. Will she use this against Grayson? Maybe Ninja Jane is too busy shedding her own tears when she realizes that the man she cares for might love another. Harker needs his job, the good pay and social connections, but will he step aside and let Grayson boogie on down the road with Lucy.

Ninja Jane did not know about Renfield’s abduction, which is a surprising turn of events; her employers might not trust her. And, if you’re asking the whereabouts of our little blood sucker? He’s doing what any good friend would do. He’s tending to the injured Renfield. They are outcasts; one because he’s dead and the other because of race, but their friendship is built on loyalty, trust and most of all, secrets.

This show had a slow start, true, but now the show is on a roll with both plot and action. It will be a worthy partner to the other Friday night series, “Grimm,” but only if NBC stands by its lead star. That’s what friends do.

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