Sleepy Hollow S01 E06: The Sin Eater

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Well, it’s back! “Sleepy Hollow” has returned to Fox with a new episode and, hopefully, better plots. I’m hoping to see more of our pesky headless horseman, and after the last episode, I’m wondering if Ichabod went shopping for newer threads. Will we see some action tonight? I certainly hope so. Meet me after the jump.


Abbie and Ichabod are at a baseball game. Does he understand the game? After Abbie explains the rules, he does start yelling at the referee. Ichabod refuses Abbie’s offer of a ride and walks home, stopping at Katrina’s grave where he is shot with a tranquilizer gun and kidnapped.

Abbie receives a vision while driving home and finds herself in a strange place with weird dolls and four witches dressed in black.  Wait a minute! Are we watching “American Horror Story“? No, my mistake, it’s a different gaggle of witches. Katrina Crane shows up to warn Abbie that the headless horseman is on the way and Abbie has to find a ‘sin eater.’ No problem, Abbie, just look in the yellow pages. Sin eating is an ancient ritual, but how will this help Ichabod?

Abbie gets Jenny a pass to leave the hospital and help her. Does it bother anyone else that Jenny is still locked up? Isn’t she entitled to legal representation? Anyway… off they go to find a ‘sin eater.’ He’s living close by and his name is Henry Parrish (John Noble). Parrish eats the sins of a person, literally and he knows that Ichabod has to let go of his regrets in order to beat the Headless Horseman. I’m happy to see John Noble from “Fringe” on “Sleepy Hollow.” He’s a very talented and what this show needs right now.


The Brotherhood

Ichabod is not only having flashbacks, but he’s wearing the wrong uniform. Okay, so now he’s British and ordered to conduct the investigation of a free slave. Ichabod soon realizes that his commander is evil. Borrowing from the show, “Grimm,” Ichabod see through the disguise of his commander; demon. We have our monster of the week and Ichabod switches teams and uniform. With Katrina’s help he joins Washington’s army. When Ichabod wakes from the drug induced flashback, he gets to meet his captors, AKA the Men in Black.

As happy as I was to see John Noble star on the show, I was even more so to see James Frain. He’s at his best when playing the villain, and James Frain is in all my favorite shows: “Grimm,” “The White Queen,” and “True Blood.” He’s perfect as Rutledge, the head of the Brotherhood and part of the Freemasons. Rutledge has a message for Ichabod. Drink the Kool-Aid. It seems that Ichabod and the Horseman are connected by Katrina’s magic. If one dies, so does the other. Ichabod has to die. Can Abbie save Ichabod?



Abbie shows her true feelings to Ichabod. Rutledge may or may not be on the same team as Ichabod. Jenny only gets a ‘Get out of Jail’ pass when Sis needs her help. Sleepy Hollow has more tunnels than the New York City subway system. But, all is right in the world; the Horseman is back. I’m still on the fence with this show, but tonight’s episode was good, and it’s because of Nicole Beharie. She is the catalyst that gets the story moving and tonight she opened up the possibility of a relationship between her and Ichabod.

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