Sleepy Hollow, Episode 4: The Lesser Key of Solomon


I missed you, my little zombie snacks. I was away on a ghost hunting trip, but I did get to see last week’s episode of Sleepy Hollow. I’ll do a quick review of “For the Triumph of Evil” before reviewing episode 4. Who was last week’s featured monster? Find out after the jump.

For the Triumph of Evil

Abbie has one hell of a nightmare that leads her to Dr. Mara Vega (Mary Kraft), Jenny’s psychologist. When the doctor threatens to jump to her death, Abbie tries to stop her, but fails. Before she jumps, Dr. Vega, who’s sporting some really freaky eyes, gives Abbie a warning.

Holy Exploding eyeballs! After sand pours from the dead doctor’s eyes, Ichabod thinks that Jennie (Lyndie Greenwood) might be able to supply important information. I have a question. Why is Ichabod permitted to roam around the crime scenes? He’s not a cop, and yet, there he is getting in everyone’s way. Maybe, Ichabod Crane is the colonial version of Adrian Monk.

Jenny refuses to see Abbie, but she does talk to the tall, handsome Ichabod. It seems that Abbie and Jenny weren’t the only ones to see the devil, those many years ago. Mr. Gillespie (Pete Burris), who found the missing girls, also saw that devil but never told the police. Ichabod and Abbie rush to the farm, but it’s too late. Before he kills himself, Mr. Gillespie tells Abbie that the sandman is out to get her.


Ichabod remembers a Native American myth about a monster that attacks people while they dream. Is this what’s hunting Abbie? Ichabod needs to find a Shaman. I’m not sure where you’re likely to find a Shaman; maybe the yellow pages, but Ichabod and Abbie find their Shaman in the persona of Seamus Duncan (Michael The), a used car salesman. I found it strange that after one meeting with Duncan, Abbie, an officer of the law, is perfectly okay with drinking “magic tea” and having a scorpion sting her. Transferred to the spirit world via tea and venom, our duo goes looking for Mr. Sandman. When Ichabod is attacked by the sandman, Abbie defeats the monster by finally telling the truth about her and Jenny’s encounter with the devil. The slate wiped clean of her betrayal of Jenny, Abbie and Ichabod return to the hospital to free Jenny.


Although, I miss our headless horseman, I do like being introduced to new monster each week; much like the show, Grimm. But, there are holes in some of the premise of this show, for example, Captain Irving (Orlando Jones) seems perfectly fine with Abbie and Ichabod having a hidden room under the jail. I’m wondering if Captain Irving doesn’t have his own secret agenda.

Sleepy-Hollow ep 4

Sleepy Hollow, Episode 4: The Lesser Key of Solomon

Time to rewrite history on Sleepy Hollow, and why not; everybody else is doing it. Seems the real Boston Tea Party was a set up by General Washington to stop the British army from using black magic to win the war. Say what? What does this have to do with Abbie and Jenny?

Ichabod Crane, still wearing his ratty old colonial clothing, is busy chatting to an “On Star” operator about her love life. Too funny! Abbie tells Captain Irving about the Sandman and the events leading to Jenny’s escape. Meanwhile across town, a piano teacher gets a call; he’s looking for Jenny; she has something he needs. What could it be and what does this have to do with the Boston Tea Party?

While Abbie and Ichabod interview Jenny’s former foster mother (nasty woman), the piano teacher is torturing a bartender on the whereabouts of Jenny. Captain Irving is left with a dead bartender and no “cue” to why he was killed. Confused? Watch the show!

Sleepy Hollow Obscura

The Key

Ichabod and Abbie, on a hunch, find Jenny at Sheriff Corbin’s cabin. Ichabod tells Abbie and Jenny about a stone box that he took from the Hessian soldiers during the war. It contains a book of black magic. To find the location of the book, they need a key; a sexton, which conveniently doubles as a projector for a map. But, nasty Hessians, known as shadow warriors, break into the cabin and steal it. No worries, Ichabod has a photogenic memory. Is there nothing this man can’t do?

On the ride over to an abandoned church, we learn that Jenny is a freedom fighter. When did she have time to do this? The bad guys find the book and attempt to bring forth the pagan god of child sacrifice. This pagan god goes by the name of Moloch. The show ends with Abbie and Jenny spewing bible verses at each other before making up.


Ichabod’s using the “On Star” program was funny. The retelling of American history and claiming the British army used black magic to win a war; wasn’t. Tonight’s episode was full of weak spots, for example: Ichabod’s photogenic memory; his knowing how to use the key; Abbie and Jenny spewing bible verses at each other. I had an uneasy feeling that the viewers were getting preached at, and that’s not why we watch the show. What do you think?

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