31 Days Of Horror 2013 Exclusive: Biff Bam Pop Talks To Slash!

What happens when one of the greatest guitarists of the past 30 years decides he wants to start producing horror movies? Well, in the case of Slash and his new company, Slasher Films, you get the very solid horror film Nothing Left To Fear, directed by Anthony Leonardi. In Nothing Left To Fear, a family moves to the town of Stull, Kansas, where the preacher father (Ethan Peck) moves with his family to take over the pastor role from the outgoing clergyman (Clancy Brown). All is not what it seems, however, as we discover that Stull sits above a gateway to hell.

Recently Slash and Anthony Leonardi were in Toronto, where Biff Bam Pop’s JP Fallavollita and I had the chance to sit down and find out all about the film, why Slash decided to become a producer, and much more. Check out the trailer for Nothing Left To Fear, out on DVD and Digital today, and then watch our exclusive interview after the jump!

Thanks to Slash and Anthony Leonardi for talking to Biff Bam Pop, and the fine folks at Anchor Bay, Raven Banner and Amberlight for making it happen. You can order Nothing Left To Fear right here.

BBP with Slash
Slash, Andy Burns, Anthony Leonardi and JP Fallavollita

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