True Blood Season Six Finale: Radioactive

true blood s6 e 10 Sookie and Warlow

I have two questions! Why didn’t Jason shoot Sarah and where the hell did Eric fly off to? This is no time to leave the party, my little stud muffin. Bill is acting like Mr. Hero, as he leads the rescued vamps home, but it was Eric who really saved the day. Arlene has to stop marrying men with issues. And, I’ve had enough funerals to last for a while; let’s concentrate on weddings, instead. Will Sookie and Warlow tie the knot? Will Eric return to save the day? Let’s find out together after the jump.

WTF and Lots of Spoilers Alerts

Okay, I really wasn’t happy with tonight’s show. Not at all! The show starts with Alcide trying to work his way back into Sookie’s heart, but she turns him down. Where were you when she needed you, Alcide? Sookie leaves the cemetery and walks into a Vampire Hippie Dippie love fest with vampires running, dancing, screwing, and playing volleyball in the sun. Sookie gets to meet Jason’s new love, Violet, but Violet’s not too happy about Sookie until she realizes that this is her new sister-in-law. Pam is worried about Eric. Where is he? Pam leaves the Hippie Love-in to find our little stud muffin.

Jason and Violet s6 e10


Sookie returns to faerie land to tell Warlow that she’s having second thoughts about getting married. I think it has to do with the “Till death do we part” section of the marriage vows. Eternity can be a long time when stuck with a loser. Warlow is decorating the Maypole for their wedding when Sookie breaks the news. How does Warlow, the vampire who swears that he’s loved Sookie for thousands of years, react?  Spoiler Alert!  The jerk hits Sookie and ties her up. Warlow has to go! Who will save Sookie?

Sookie e 10


Bill has lost his powers; good! He’s getting on my last nerve. When he tells Jessica that Sookie had promised herself to Warlow to save her vampire friends, Jessica wants to save Sookie. Bill has to be talked into helping; loser. It takes baby vamp Jessica to knock some sense into Bill. Jessica gets Bill, Jason, Violet and Adeline Bellefleur to storm faerie land, Rambo Style.

The Rescue

I’ve come to the conclusion, that the women of “True Blood;” humans and vampires, are the only ones with balls enough to fight for what they want. I love the way Violet has Jason following her like a puppy dog, and I love the way Adeline is taking charge of her own life, but it’s Jessica who shines on tonight’s episode. While Bill and Warlow fight, the others including Sookie escape, but Warlow isn’t ready to give up his bride. Warlow follows the group to Sookie’s house and attacks Sookie. Who will save our Sookie? I was expecting Eric to show up, but no! And a big spoiler alert: The writers have Sookie’s grandfather and her brother, Jason, coming to the rescue. Give me a break!

Warlow and Niall

Eric and the Giant Spoiler Alert

When Warlow dies, Bill loses his powers and so do the vampires at the Hippie love fest. Where is Eric? We see our little stud muffin in Sweden; sunbathing on the icy terrain; reading a book. When his power leaves him, Eric burst into flames. Did he die? Who the hell knows? I sure don’t and I’m pissed; big time. FYI to the director; don’t kill off Eric!

Bon Temps

If Eric’s (death?) didn’t turn me off, the next part did. We jump six months into the future, and there is lots happening in the tranquil town of BonTemps. Bill is a guest on the Lawrence O’Donnell show; he’s hocking his new book and saying that he saved the day. Sookie is with Alcide; Sam is the town’s Mayor, and Rev. Daniels is preaching hate against vampires. Sam and Bill are working together on a new plan that will benefit the vampires and humans. They’re doing blood tests on the townsfolk. What’s the catch? The vampires offer to protect the humans if the humans agree to be blood donors. What is this all about; a vampire mafia? Was the show kidnapped by aliens; nothing made sense.



The finale sucked, big time. Nothing is said about Eric or Pam. Having the grandfather come to the rescue was a cheap shot and the writers should have done a better job on the script. Sookie and Alcide are together like nothing happened; really? Jessica is the only vampire acting right. She offered to protect Andy and his daughter without them having to feed her. Alan Ball needs to return to the show; now! Was I disappointed in tonight’s show? Hint: When the bad vampires arrived at Bon Temps; I didn’t care. How about you?

7 Replies to “True Blood Season Six Finale: Radioactive”

  1. I agree. I feel like the “six months later” was a total cop out because they ran out of storyline. They could’ve dragged the Warlow fight on longer and made it more dramatic then end . Then have next season as “six months later” so they have time to explain everything and put something better together. And if they kill off Eric like that I will be SUPER PISSED!

  2. Great review! Only Eric could make reading naked in the snow sexy. I was super pissed when Eric went up in flames. I’m hoping Pam got to him in time. Mayor Sam, Sookie all over MY MAN ( super pissed about that, too), and the vampire/human pair up protection plan left me totally confused. I need something to distract me from this finale. When does the new season of Shameless start?

    1. I was so confused and upset with this ending. It was done so half ass. The writers did a lousy job, but seeing Eric nude helped calm me a bit

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