“The Walking Dead” Recap – Season 3, Episode 11: I Ain’t A Judas

season 3 episode 11Before we recap episode 11, we need to revisit episode 10. What a show! I thought I was in the middle of a séance with Rick seeing Lori all over the place. Do ghosts wear evening gowns?

The team was frantic, decisions had to be made, stay or leave the prison? Hershel votes to leave, while Glenn votes to stay and attack Woodbury. Axel, who took a liking to Carol, was killed, but not by zombies, although a few did stumble into the prison earlier in the day. Daryl and Merle rescue a family from walkers, and then fight because Merle tries to rob them.  Glenn and Maggie’s relationship is on the rocks, but hopefully, they’ll make up soon.

Our psychopathic Governor just happens to leave town for supplies and Andrea doesn’t find that fishy? The ending was a shocker! The prison was attacked by the Governor, his men, and a truck full of zombies. Team Prison appeared to be doomed, with Rick almost a Scooby snack, but then the cavalry came to the rescue with Daryl, Merle and Glenn. Will Team Prison fight back with their own Mister Softee truck? Will Tyreese and his team finally be allowed to join Team Prison? Find out after the jump.

twd3-11-2Who’s in Charge?

A break in the battle, gives Team Prison time to regroup and once again try to come to a decision on whether they should leave before it’s too late. Rick and Glenn are against leaving, but they’re low on food and ammunition and nerves are frazzled and it doesn’t help that Merle tells the group just how dangerous the Governor can be. Rick and Hershel have a heated discussion, with Hershel telling Rick, “Get your head clear.”

Out of the Mouths of Babes

Young Carl, who has seen enough death to last many lifetimes, goes to his father and gives the old man some good advice, “Maybe… you should let Hershel and Glenn lead the team.” It’s at this very moment, that you witness the child become the parent. We’re watching a leader step up to the plate.


Merle wants to be part of the group, but the others keep him in the “Don’t pet the rattlesnake” category. Carol doesn’t trust him and tells Daryl her feelings. Hershel, however, feels that Merle knows too much of the Governor’s wild and wacky ways to leave. They talk, throw a few Bible verses at each other, and then Merle tells Hershel in what order the Governor will kill everyone, leaving Rick for last. Later Merle tries to make nice to Michonne, but honestly, if I were him, I wouldn’t turn my back on her.

twd3-11-4Preparing for a War

Back in the town of Woodbury, Milton is updating the Governor on the state of the town, when Andrea marches in and questions the Governor about his visit to the prison. He tells her that Team Prison shot first. Liar, liar, pants on fire! Andrea wants to visit her friends, but the Governor tells her if she goes, stay there. In the meantime, the Governor is doing his own version of ‘The Draft’ and starts enlisting anyone who is old enough to hold a gun or doesn’t have both feet in the grave. Some of the townsfolk are upset and go to Andrea for help.

Road Trip

Andrea asks Milton to help her sneak out of town, but Milton rats her out. The Governor, always thinking outside the box, tells Milton to help Andrea. What is that man up to? While Milton helps Andrea capture a walker and then with the help of a hatchet, change him into a pet zombie, Tyreese and his group arrive on the scene. Andrea heads to the prison and Milton takes the newcomers to Woodbury where they are questioned by the Governor about the prison.

twd3-11-5Who’s That Knocking on My Door?

Carl sees someone walking a zombie towards the gate and calls for backup. Andrea, who expected to be welcomed with open arms, gets the third degree from her friends. She is sleeping with the enemy. Michonne reveals to Andrea that the Governor had sent Merle to kill her. When Andrea visits Carol, they talk, play with the baby and then Carol tells Andrea to go ‘Samson and Delilah’ on the Governor. Do him and then do him in. Andrea drives away, leaving her true friends behind. Rich holds baby Judith, Beth sings a song, everyone is worried about the Governor, who is armed to the teeth and bent on their destruction. Rick leaves Daryl in charge and plans to take Carl and Michonne to spy on the town.

twd3-11-6Pick a Team

Andrea returns and tells the Governor that Rick and his people are in no condition to fight and that she belongs with him… but that night after he falls asleep, she climbs out of bed and grabs a knife. She stands over him as he sleeps and… well, I’m not going to tell you, my little zombie snack. You have to watch the show.


Team Prison is in trouble, the people of Woodbury are being trained for a war they don’t want, Tyreese and his friends have gone from the frying pan into the fire, and Andrea holds the fate of all, in her hand.

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  1. I really enjoyed the early episodes of The Walking Dead. They were more about us vs. the zombies. These latest shows, although great in a different way, concentrate on inner battles and Rick’s breakdown. I understand that. It’s actually a creation of another society we’re witnessing that’s providing tons of political innuendo. I long for the days where it’s us vs. the zombies again. But…maybe it’s me…

  2. Andrea either needs to change or die! I cannot stand a character that doesn’t evolve over time and she is the same idiot as always, do not center a story around her!

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