American Horror Story: Asylum Recap – Episode 10: The Name Game


After a two week hiatus for the holidays, American Horror Story: Asylum picks up right where it left off. That is, with Sister Mary Eunice being evil as possible, Dr. Thredson making life hell for Lana and Kit, and Sister Jude in all sorts of trouble.

The episode begins with Dr. Arden waking up Kit, but lying about the alien visitation. When Arden tries to examine the wounded Grace, he is obstructed by Pepper who is now smarter thanks to the intervention of the extraterrestrials. In one of my favorite scenes from the episode, Thredson approaches Kit and Lana as Screamin’ Jay Hawkins’ “I Put a Spell on You” plays in the background. He reveals that Sister Mary Eunice hired him as a full time therapist. Meanwhile, Sister Jude is given electroshock therapy and, for most of the episode, forgets who she is.

The episode’s most shocking moment comes as the demonically possessed Sister Mary Eunice rapes the Monsignor, violating his vow of celibacy and taking his virginity. I wasn’t expecting that! Neither was the Monsignor, who resolves afterward that the only solution is to kill her. Meanwhile, Arden destroys all of his experiments, feeling feeble in the face of what the extraterrestrials are capable of, and it’s hinted at that he wants to end his own life.

Everything comes to a head when Lana hides the tape of Thredson’s confession and blackmails him with it, the Monsignor throws Sister Mary Eunice from the balcony and kills her, and Sister Jude, after remembering everyone’s name, tells Mother Superior to help Lana escape. The episode ends with Arden cremating himself along with the corpse of Sister Mary Eunice.

Well, the show certainly returned with a big bloody bang. As sorry as I was to see Arden and Sister Mary Eunice die, I feel that there wasn’t a whole lot else for them to do for the remainder of the show. There are three episodes left and Thredson/Bloody Face is the obvious main villain at this point. It appears that the extraterrestrials are working against him, however, and it will be interesting to see how the tide shifts over the next three episodes. Also, the scene where they all sing and dance to “The Name Game?” F’n brilliant. Next week is, “Spilt Milk.”

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