Maroon 5 Look For More Moves Like Jagger on Overexposed

Maroon 5 recently released their fourth studio album, Overexposed, which could be referring to a number of things when it comes to lead singer Adam Levine, who seems to be everywhere these days.  From appearing as one of the judges/coaches on the hit TV singing competition, The Voice, to posing tattooed and practically naked in a UK print ad for testicular cancer awareness, Levine is also a regular on the talk-show circuit and one of pop music’s most recognizable frontmen.

In 2011, Levine’s work on The Voice also helped his band achieve one of the biggest crossover hits of the year with “Moves Like Jagger” featuring his TV co-worker Christina Aguilera.  The track established a new sound and direction for Maroon 5 who look to build on the funky/pop of “Jagger” on Overexposed.

Clearly a singles band, Overexposed is a collection of three or four solid pop/radio friendly tracks surrounded by filler.  The rock side of Maroon 5’s earlier work is practically non-existent on this album as the band goes for the big pop homerun on tracks like “One More Night”, “Payphone” and “Love Somebody”.  The album bounces along with synths, drum machines and catchy choruses that leverage the “Jagger” prototype and Levine’s sexy falsetto vocals.

While there doesn’t appear to be a single track on the album as catchy or memorable as “Moves Like Jagger”, there’s just enough solid pop writing and production to ensure Maroon 5 have another hit on their hands.  Must Have Track:  On the deluxe version of Overexposed , there’s a fantastic 7-minute boogie-woogie version of the classic Prince track, “Kiss”, that culminates with a fairly decent all-out guitar/sax jam that sounds (dare I say It) like Jagger and his little rock ‘n’roll outfit The Rolling Stones.  Definitely worth checking out.

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