Zombie Attack Prank is AWESOME

zombie prankZombies have been featured in the news lately thanks to a couple of bizarre, flesh-eating attacks taking place within a fairly short period of time. Then of course there’s the body parts being shipped in care packages around Canada. Most of have made light of the situation, and some of us might even enjoy the idea of being tested in a Walking Dead scenario…

And then there’s THIS guy. Real prank, real reactions and a real gun at about 2:00 in:

Crazy Russian Vitaly ZD was featured on Tosh.0 this week, and hands down this is the CRAZIEST prank I have ever seen pulled off. Wanna learn more about how it was done? Read on…

If you happened to catch Daniel Tosh’s piece on Vitaly, you’ll know that he’s just a good natured guy with a great sense of humour and a real taste for the spotlight. Chasing people around dressed up as a zombie, in light of the recent incidents, is funny enough.. but what really killed me was his explanation of why all the prank targets seemed to be black.

Paraphrasing, basically he did try the prank on white people, but no one ran. And yet when black people were targeted, they had an almost instant and hilarious reaction. Hey, it’s not racist if it’s true… or is it? Despite some of the offense the prank has caused, it’s 100% awesome in my books. It’s no more racist than that Leprechaun video or the hide your kids/wife guy – right?

This prank really took some balls, and not just because the editing isn’t ‘PC’ – that’s a real gun drawn at about 2:00 in to the original video. The first thing I thought was that he’d get shot or beat up; but as explained in the Tosh interview, even the mob who seems to attack the prankster wound up laughing with him once he revealed the prank.

Take a look at Vitaly’s ‘behind the scenes’ to learn more:

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