Take A Walk With A Man On A Ledge

If you’re going to check out a movie called Man On A Ledge, it’s safe to say you know exactly what you’re getting. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun watching it all go down. Such is the case with the film staring Sam Worthington as a man…well, you know.

The film, out today on DVD, is actually quite a bit of fun, as long as you ignore some of the gaping plot holes required to make the whole movie work. Worthington’s Nick Cassaday is a convicted ex-cop who claims he’s been framed for a massive heist, and is pulling out all the stops he can for one last chance at freedom. Situating himself on a the ledge of a New York City hotel, he shuts down blocks of the city and refuses to talk to anybody except negotiator Lydia Mercer, played by Elizabeth Banks.

What you get in Man On A Ledge is a solid performance from Sam Worthington, who carries most of the film while standing out on that ledge. I’ve had a few people ask me if that’s all he does. Well, as advertised, there is a lot of hanging out on that there ledge, but there’s more to the film than just that, including some solid action scenes as Cassaday’s brother and his girlfriend try to find proof of his innocence by breaking into the highly secure office of millionaire David Englander, played by Ed Harris. There’s also decent chemistry between Worthington and Banks, who has to work hard to not appear as gorgeous as she really is. I’d say she only sort of pulls it off.

As mentioned, there are some serious holes in the film’s plot, and it’s not long before you can figure out who the real bad guys are, but for a 90 minute movie where you can shut off your brain and just dig in, I enjoyed Man On A Ledge more than I thought that I would.

You can order Man On A Ledge on DVD or Blu-ray here.

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