Watch With Amanda: Private Practice & SOA Casting News, New trailers for True Blood & Dexter

Tim Daly who plays Pete Wilder on Private Practice announced on Tuesday that Shonda Rhimes has not picked up his contract option for the ABC drama’s upcoming sixth (and likely final) season.  In a post on his twitter page Daly explained, “Wonderful fans of PPP. Shonda informed my agent today that Pete wont be returning for season 6. It was a great 5 yrs. R.I.P. Pete Wilder.”  I guess it’s not too much of a shocker.  In the season finale, Pete was jailed for compassionately ending the life of a patient kept alive by machines. Personally I would’ve much rather seen Violet go. What do you Private Practice fans think about this?

HBO has released another blood filled promo for True Blood‘s Season 5 (June 10th) which will leave you with lots of questions. Is Sookie the angel of death?  Who exhumed vampire Russell Edgington?  Obviously Tara is going to become a vampire.  Is Hoyt going to turn into a vamp killer?  Who is Eric making out with?

Showtime has finally released a teaser trailer for Dexter Season 7. Don’t get your hopes up though! There isn’t much here but it’s still hella creepy. All we hear is some audio from last season’s intense finale and Dexter’s voiceover saying “Maybe everything is exactly how it should be.”  WHAT DOES THAT MEAN??? Not much is known about Season 7 but stay tuned to Biff Bam Pop and we will update you with all the spoilers and scoop we get our hands on.

Sons Of Anarchy is adding quite the lineup to their upcoming fifth season. First up we have NYPD Blue and Dexter alum Jimmy Smits.  Smits will be playing Neron “Nero” Padilla, a Latino gangster who becomes an unlikely (and dangerous) mentor for the Sons’ new king, Jax.  To keep things all in the family, the series has also tapped Smit’s real life partner, Wanda de Jesus (All My Children, CSI: Miami) to guest-star in the upcoming season playing a “smart and sexy” associate of Nero. Most recently announced is Lost alum Harold Perrineau, who has been cast in the critical role of Damon Pope.  Perrineau will play the ex-drug kingpin whose daughter was murdered by Tig in the Season 4 finale.

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  1. I was a little disappointed in Dexter’s last show, but I’m hoping the producers and writers are going with what worked in the past. I love true blood and never miss a show, but it can be frustrating explaining to friends who’ve never read the books that the show has a life of its own and rarely follows the written version. Love reading your posts.

    1. I agree. Last season of Dexter definitely wasn’t my favourite but I still have faith. I think the producers realized fans weren’t happy with most of Season 6 which hopefully means they will step it up in Season 7.

  2. Super let down to see Tim Daly go from Private Practice. I like him as an actor and like his character too. If you want to see some awesome Daly work, though, check out The Daly Show on YouTube.

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