Watch With Amanda: Full Summer TV Preview

With all of our favourite shows ending for the season, a lot of people have been asking me what the hell they are going to do with themselves. Well, you could go outside and enjoy the summer weather, bbq, go to the beach, garden, have a picnic, go for a bike ride…. OR you could just pick up your remote and check out the summer TV preview I have set up here for you. Fill the void with some reality tv, returning faves, and new guilty pleasures.

What will you be watching?

June 3rd
9pm – The Glades
9pm – MTV Movie Awards (Russell Brand hosts. Emma Stone receives the first ever “Trailblazer” award)
11pm – Teen Wolf (airing after the MTV Movie Awards)

June 4th
8pm – Hell’s Kitchen
9pm – MasterChef

June 5th
8pm – Pretty Little Liars (watch the extended promo)
9pm – Rizzoli & Isles
9pm – Love in the Wild (new host Jenny McCarthy)
10pm – Franklin & Bash
10pm – The Glee Project

June 6th
8pm – CMT Music Awards (hosted by Toby Keith and Kristen Bell)
10pm – Necessary Roughness

June 7th
9pm – Saving Hope (watch the trailer for the new series)
9pm – The Choice (going to be a train wreck. can’t wait!)

June 10th
8pm – Tony Awards (hosted by Neil Patrick Harris)
9pm – True Blood (waiting sucks…so watch this awesome trailer to hold you over)

June 13th
9pm – Dallas (watch the promo)

June 14th
9pm – Burn Notice (teaser trailer)
10pm – Suits

June 17th
9pm – Falling Skies (watch 3 minutes of the premiere)

June 18th
10pm – The Glass House (ABC’s Big Brother rip off)

June 24th
10pm – The Newsroom (watch the trailer)

June 28th
9pm – Anger Management
10pm – Wilfred
10:30pm – Louie
10:30pm – Awkward

July 1st
10pm – Weeds
10:30pm – Episodes

July 9th
9pm – The Closer (final six episodes)

July 10th
9pm – White Collar (watch the promo)
10pm – Covert Affairs

July 11th
9pm – Damages (fifth and final season)

July 12th
9pm – Big Brother

July 15th
10pm – Breaking Bad (CANNOT WAIT)
10pm – Political Animals (starring Sigourney Weaver  as a former First Lady turned Secretary of State)

July 16th
9pm – Eureka (series finale)

July 27th
London 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremonies

5 Replies to “Watch With Amanda: Full Summer TV Preview”

  1. I love the glades and I’m so upset that this is the last season of the Closer. I love true blood, even though it doesn’t mirror the books, but that’s okay because Eric is good eye candy. Have a great weekend

    1. Yes! Eric is reason enough to watch that show. Also I am a huge Chris Meloni fan and I’m excited to see him back on HBO. Should be a good season.

  2. white collar is a must on my list…I do have to say, it’s a good fun summer one to follow.

    and it goes without saying, breaking bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ahhhhhh!!!

    and so glad to seee that awkward is on there too. it was one of my new favourite shows of last year, and it left off with a pretty major cliffhanger!!!

    also, i sort of find it odd that kristen bell is co-hosting the cmt’s this year…..still love her though!

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