Trailer Time: Four Minutes Of Footage From The Amazing Spider-Man

Four minutes of The Amazing Spider-Man has found its way online after debuting last night during America’s Got Talent. As our resident Spidey freak, I can’t help but feel more and more excited with every piece of new footage we see from the film. I like Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone, I like the costume and I like the brief hints of the Lizard that we’re seeing. Even more so, I like the idea that this is a Spider-Man story we haven’t seen yet, in either film or in animation. Rebooting and rebuilding a franchise is always tough, but I think director Marc Webb is going to deliver the goods with The Amazing Spider-Man.

Take a look at the new footage and let us know what you think.

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  1. I heard they are working on a reboot of The Avengers and both a Justice League and Justice League Reboot as well

  2. I like to hope for this film to be good enough for spidy and I have no fears from what I have seen so far so fingers crossed 🙂

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