Win a copy of X-Men: First Class!

Fortune favours YOU today.

We’ve got a copy of X-Men: First Class on DVD and a nifty X-Men: First Class that that we’d like to put in your hands, but you’ve got to do something for us.

Two things, actually. 

First, you’ve got to like us.  More than you already do.  You’ve got to “Like” our page on Facebook (click here and you’ll know what to do) or tweet #BiffBamPop on your Twitter account.

Done?  Excellent.  Now the tricky part:

Tell us the name of your favourite Marvel mutant in the comments below.

That’s it.

The deadline for entries will be this Sunday at noon, Eastern Daylight Time.  Limit one entry per person.  The Biff Bam Pop! masthead will look over the entries to randomly select a winner that will be announced on Monday.

Sounds good?  Now get to it!

36 Replies to “Win a copy of X-Men: First Class!”

    1. I think it’s awesome that your mini mouse avatar is voting for Wolvie, Disney is hardcore 🙂

  1. That’s a tough one.. I’d have to say it’s a split between Deadpool, Wolverine and Vargas… I’d choose Deadpool based on him being a canuck and hilariously inappropriate.

  2. Warren Worthington the third, oldschool though! The one that was throwing cash every where and hanging out with Dazzler. Also the mid nineties Apocalypse altered Angel with razor launching wings. I want you guys to hold a poll for which X-Men villain we’d want to be!

  3. Early exposure to Wolverine comics permanently coloured my taste in men. I stand by my man.

  4. But in The movie, deff Magneto. I totally sympathize. I’d kill all the humans too!!! So inferior!!

  5. Gotta love the Hulk. Hulk smash, what problems can’t he solve with that simple formula?

    Stuck In traffic?
    Armed robberies?
    Mutants from space?
    Cell phone bill to high?

  6. I have to go with Wolverine, due to his Canadian origins and the fact he’s such a bad ass. Love me some bad boy!

  7. I’ve never watched an X-men movie, nor have I ever read an X-men comic, but I thought I’d enter anyway. I’ll go with Wolverine as he’s pretty much the only character I know.

      1. Yes, sadly, it is. So I don’t know if I should win (so as to finally see one) or if I don’t deserve to win.

  8. Can’t like Wolverine, he’s strayed too far from the Claremont days of awesome (his past revealed and he *wasn’t* a psycho assassin after all? shameful!).

    Madrox the Multiple Man, cause that’s hawt. Also, it means I can do all the stuff I want, like read every book ever, work a dozen jobs, be in school, raise my child, learn every martial art, and just generally win.

    Honorable mention: Forge, because he can make anything. Cyclops, because he didn’t spend years whining about Jean Grey, he just went and married her. Cypher, aka Doug, because speaking all languages is a good power, I don’t care. Also Beast, for being a favourite, but I’m trying to get rid of hair, not have more (otherwise, pure win; especially if he could switch between normal and hairy).

    I second the villain poll.

    Alexia: that’s sad.
    Deb: That’s awesome.
    Imran: also not a mutant. Or an X-man.

  9. Ugh, why did you do this to me, Burns?! There’s no answer I won’t regret because THERE ARE SO MANY COOL CHARACTERS!!! (blast it)

  10. mimic. sure, he died pretty quickly, but he’s like all-dressed chips or those wacky cookies with choco chips, nuts, smarties, and m&ms in the dough. and because claws, wings, and optic blasts trumps just one of those.

  11. Wolvie! Is my fav male mutant! My fav female mutant is Mystique.
    Keep the polls coming I do enjoy them.

  12. First off, for those who said Deadpool, you’re wrong. As awesome as he is, he’s not a mutant.

    Secondly, Cyclops. He runs the damn X-Men!

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