Viral Video: Craig Ferguson’s Tribute To The Doctor


This video is making its way around the web and, seeing as how our good friend and contributor David Ward is a huge fan of Doctor Who, I think it only seems appropriate that we find a home for the video here.

A few things to keep in mind:

1) As host of The Late Late Show, Craig Ferguson is arguably the most whacked out late night host currently on television. His opening “monologues” are things of beauty.

2) Should anything ever happen to David Letterman, Craig Ferguson has it in his contract that he would be the man to step in as host of The Late Show. No other late night host has ever had that sort of deal (this comes from Bill Carter’s fantastic book The War For Late Night).

3) This bit was originally supposed to air on Ferguson’s Late Late Show Doctor Who night, but music rights prevented it from being broadcast. Ferguon’s reaction is below:

4) Someone was smart enough to leak the original opening. It’s priceless, whether you’re a fan of the Doctor or not.

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