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The Twilight Saga: Eclipse – This chapter continues the story of Edward and Bella as they have to deal with new vampires coming into their part of the world who don’t care about the rules of being a vampire. This forces the Cullen’s and the werewolves to team up for the first time to fight off these new vampires. While this is going on, Jacob continues to have feelings for Bella, and Bella still wants to become a vampire, despite what Edward has to say. I would say that this film is the best of the three Twilight films. Also worth mentioning is the fact that this film does not hit DVD shelves until Saturday.

The Sorcerer’s Apprentice – This box office disappointment stars Nicolas Cage and Jay Baruchel and follows the adventures of a physics student at New York University who becomes the apprentice of a sorcerer played by Nic Cage. They team up to fight off the forces off evil, led by Alfred Molina’s character, in order to stop him from taking over the world. The film does have a nice sequence to the famous cartoon the film is based on, but critics thought overall it was largely uninspired.

Vampires Suck – This film is a comedy from the guys who brought you Epic Movie, Date Movie and Disaster Movie. It is a parody of a variety of films, but the majority of the gags are thrown in the direction of The Twilight Saga. You know what to expect in these films in that they don’t really give jokes, but just think its funny to reference as many films as possible in the film. I don’t find the films that the writers/directors have done to be funny, and I would be shocked if Vampires Suck broke that trend. Perfect timing for this film to be released on DVD today to capitalize on the release of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse.

Knight and Day – This film stars Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz and is about an agent played by Cruise, who has gone rogue and his bosses are trying to bring him in. Diaz gets mixed up with Cruise in a chance encounter, and the more she’s with him, the more she believes his version of events and why he went rogue. What those events are, I will leave up to you to find out. The film was a major disappointment at the box office this summer, considering the star power of Cruise and Diaz, but I think it will do all right on DVD.

Going the Distance – Drew Barrymore and Justin Long star in this romantic comedy about a guy and girl who are starting to fall in love, but they both know that soon they will either have to break-up or do a long distance relationship. The film was a bomb in theatres at the end of the summer, but Barrymore is a pretty steady performer in romantic-comedies, and I think more women will find this film on DVD shelves and check it out.

Fantasia / Fantasia 2000 – What seems like a perfect bit of releasing for Disney, these beloved Disney films come to Blu-Ray for the first time today. I say that it’s a perfect bit of releasing because The Sorcerer’s Apprentice is also out today and why not release the animated films that contain the classic short film that inspired the movie. For those who are not familiar with the films, they are a compilation of short animated features set to classical pieces of music. My personal favourites are The Pastoral Symphony in Fantasia and Rhapsody in Blue in Fantasia 2000. To me, this is the must-have of the week.

The Special Relationship – This film stars Dennis Quaid and Michael Sheen playing U.S. President Bill Clinton and British Prime Minister Tony Blair and the bond the two world leaders formed. The film starts off in 1994 with Blair’s party taking lessons from how Clinton won his presidency in 1992. As Blair becomes Prime Minister, he grows closer to Clinton, only to watch Clinton’s power diminish when the Monica Lewinsky scandal breaks. It is a HBO film, so it was never released in theatres, but I’m a fan of Peter Morgan (who wrote The Queen and Frost/Nixon as well as this film) so it should be worth watching.

Valhalla Rising – This film follows the adventures of a captured warrior and a slave who escape from their captors and hope to join a crusade in 1000 A.D. Unfortunately for them, they board a Viking ship and enter a thick fog, only to dock in an unknown land, which may or may not be The Holy Land.


Parks and Recreation – Season Two

The Lucy Show – The Official Third Season

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