DVD Tuesday with Scotty G

Clash of the Titans – The box office hit stars Sam Worthington, Liam Neeson, Ralph Fiennes and Gemma Arterton and follows the story of Perseus as he tries to save the life of Princess Andromeda as the god Hades has ordered her to be sacrificed to the Kraken in 10 days time or else Hades will start killing Argonauts. The film did very well at the box office this spring, and should look and sound great for anyone who has a Blu-Ray player.

Repo Men – This sci-fi film stars Jude Law and Forest Whitaker as men who repossess organs from humans who cannot pay for their new organs. When a repo men repossess an organ, it usually means the human will die in the process. Law and Whitaker are partners, with Law wanting to get out of the business. On his last job, an accident happens to Law’s character which causes him to get a new heart. As Law’s character starts his new life and his new job, he quickly begins falling behind on payments of his new heart, and the repo men are sent after him led by his former partner Jake. The film received largely negative reviews on its release, so it will be interesting to see how it does on DVD, although I think the subject matter turns audiences off.

Batman: Under the Red Hood – This Direct-To-DVD film follows the adventures of Batman as he tries to find out who the Red Hood is. Red Hood is like Batman in that he battles the criminals of Gotham City, but doesn’t follow the same ethics and morals that Batman does. Batman also has to battle against two villains in The Joker and Black Mask. Although The Joker was once the Red Hood, he is not in this film, so get that storyline out of your head. Batman animated films are usually quite good, so this one should be worth seeing.

G.I. Joe: The Movie – This is the G.I. Joe movie that we remember most. This time Cobra teams up with the evil forces of Cobra-La, which is led by the villain Golobulus, as they try to steal a broadcast energy transmitter which they will use to open up space spores on humans, which will mutate them and then they will become members of Cobra-La. It’s up to Duke, Hawk, Sgt. Slaughter and the rest of the Joes to save the day.


SGU: Stargate Universe: Season 1.5 – This TV show stars Robert Carlyle and follows the story of a team who is unable to return to Earth, and our now travelling on a spaceship called “Destiny” which is in a distant part of the universe. This is a good time to catch up on the show, as Season Two will be starting in September, and even though I have never watched any of the Stargate shows, it does have a following so you have to respect that. The presence of Robert Carlyle is also a good thing.

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