DVD Tuesday with Scotty G

I Love You, Man – Paul Rudd and Jason Segel team up for the story of a man trying to find another man to be the best man at his wedding. That’s a lot of “man’s”. The film has its laughs, with some great supporting work by Jon Favreau. You’ll also become a fan of Rush, and be using a certain catchphrase when you play air guitar. It doesn’t stick with you after you watch it, but it’s a fun film.

17 Again – Matthew Perry didn’t like how his life turned out, so he gets the chance to fix it by becoming a 17 year old version of himself. Zac Efron stars in this Freaky Friday clone that actually got decent reviews, and did all right at the box office. Don’t be turned off by the unoriginal premise. People say this film is worth checking out.

The Class – Winner of the Golden Palm at the Cannes Film Festival in 2008, and nominated for Best Foreign Language Film at the Oscars, The Class tells the story of a teacher in an ethnically diverse school overcoming the problems of daily life. The kids challenge him all the time, while his colleagues do not challenge the kids, and he is stuck in the middle. The film deserves a better write up from me, but if you do some research on it, you’ll definitely be interested.

Road Trip: Beer Pong – Not much to say about this. A Direct-To-DVD sequel that took way too long in coming (The original was released in 2000). You know what you’re getting based on the title, so you shouldn’t be surprised with the results.

90210: The First Season – The reboot to the popular series comes out on DVD today, and it appeals to both new fans, and hardcore fans. Members from the original show are regulars in this version, while the new faces have adapted to the series quite nicely. A little more risqué then the original , this 90210 has a devoted following, and they will be picking it up on DVD.

My Own Worst Enemy: The Complete Series – This was supposed to be NBC’s big hit last fall. Tons of hype, lots of marketing, and Christian Slater making his comeback. Unfortunately audiences gave the show a resounding thumbs down, and now the complete series is out in Canada. The series is only 9 episodes, and the final episode does not resolve all of the storylines, so that can be frustrating to the viewer.

Designing Women: The Second Season – It was a staple of the 80’s, and season two is out on DVD today continue to follow the life of Julia Sugarbaker and the design firm that she runs out of her home with mother, sister, and best friend. A nostalgia purchase.

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