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‘Used’: A True Story by Less Lee Moore

Writer’s note: Whenever a celebrity is revealed to be a sexual predator, it triggers painful memories of my own history. For years, I didn’t know how to categorize what happened to me until I started reading first-hand accounts of those who had been sexually harassed or assaulted. Their responses were so close to my own that I began to realize that what happened to me was part of the continuum of sexual assault, and that it was much more complex and insidious than a stranger grabbing a woman in a dark alleyway.

The recent stories about Devin Faraci, Harry Knowles, and Harvey Weinstein make me realize that it is finally time I make public the full story of what happened to me.

The events in the following story took place over the course of several years, culminating in the early part of 2001. The names have all been changed but the details have not. The only reason I don’t put the names is because, after all this time, I am still afraid of reprisals, particularly legal, as the person is question has a lot more money and status than I do. We also have a lot of friends in common; no doubt this will get back to him somehow.

Anyone who reads this and wants to know the real identities of the people in question can contact me and ask. – Less Lee Moore

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