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Mat Langford’s Gaming World – Final Fantasy Dimensions

There hasn’t really been a game in the last few years that truly recaptures that magic of the old-school Final Fantasy games. Sure, some have tried, but lackluster attempts and even progressive titles from Squeenix have fallen short, leaving FF gamers with a certain emptiness.

While Final Fantasy Dimensions on iOS – Sqaure Enix’s latest entry into the FF series – is a throwback to the old games, is it truly capable of bringing back the true feel of the games of yore? Find out after the jump.

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Mat Langford’s Gaming World: Best PS1 Classics for the Vita

FF& SephirothAs many Vita fans already know, August 28th marks the day that PS1 classics come to the Vita, and it’s kind of a big deal. I’ve been waiting for it for a while, because it’s going to allow me to play some of my old favourites on the go…actually, mainly because it’s going to give me a reason to charge my Vita and take it with me for a change.

That aside, I figured I’d put together a quick list of the top 5 PS1 classics to get for your PS Vita, along with their trailers. Anticipating these games again, it’s like being back in the past!

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Titanic Teams – Mat Langford’s Favourite Teamwork Games!

Growing up with a twin brother, we almost always played video games that were made for 2 players. Sports, fps, anything multi-player would do. We only had one system in the house when I was younger, so in order for us both to get our gaming fix, it would have to be on a two-player adventure. To this day we still prefer games that we can cooperate at. There were a few stand-out games that I can remember having the most fun with, and surprisingly, they aren’t really new games. So if you’re a new gamer (Xbox/360, PS2/3) then go back and try some of these games, I can personally guarantee that you won’t be disappointed. If you remember these games, then reminisce with me!

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