Michael "Kel" Monroe - super bi man

The Leftscape Podcast: ‘Ask the Bi Guy, Kel Monroe! (Episode 52)’

On this episode of ‘The Leftscape,’ learn about outrage fatigue, International Nonbinary Day, and Kel Monroe discusses his ‘Ask the Bi Guy’ project.


The Leftscape Podcast: ‘Bi in the World: Social Activist Cedric Maurice (Episode 17)’

The Leftscape interview honors Bisexual Awareness Week and Bi Visibility Month with a conversation with social activist, writer, artist, and secular minister Cedric Maurice.

A black couple smiling, looking at a computer; a worried white woman making a phone call - The Leftscape "Permit Patty Problems (Episode 8)"

The Leftscape Podcast: ‘Permit Patty Problems (Episode 8)’

As uncool as it is when cell phones are the instruments used to call the authorities on unsuspecting black people generally existing in public, it is at least a bit of a consolation prize that lately they are also being used to record these altercations for the world to see.