Exclusive Preview: ‘Survival #5’ Brings the Series to its Bloodsucking Conclusion

For the past five months, readers have been reading Dark Horse Comics’ Survival, the story of Emma Reed and her return to Alaska, where there’s more to deal with than some cold weather.

When Emma Reed journeyed back to her hometown in Alaska, she was expecting little more than a tense family reunion. But early that morning, a plane full of militarized vampires in a hijacked Russian war plane crash landed in the thick woods near the mountain, and changed her life forever.This thrilling tale combines the action-packed drama of Red Dawn and the horror of 30 Days of Night, as these invaders aren’t just here to control the American wilderness they now occupy, but to literally suck the blood from their victims.

We’re excited to share an exclusive preview of Survival #5, the final issue of the series, written by Sean Lewis and illustrated by Bryndon Everett. The book hits store shelves Wednesday, September 6.


While her dad takes to the skies, Emma, Danny, and Oak take off in pursuit of the mysterious voice coming through their radio. The final showdown between Rasul and the survivors comes to an explosive conclusion, the living fight the dead, and blood runs red under the midnight sun.


Writer: Sean Lewis
Artist: Bryndon Everett
Colourist: Natalie Barahona
Cover Artist: Tomm Coker

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