Biff Bam Pop! Previews FAN EXPO Canada Part 1

I was going to start off by saying how time flies and that it’s once again FAN EXPO Canada time here in Toronto, but then I realized how time really is flying by and the days are shorter and so are the years and oh the humanity…

Anyhoo, time sure does fly, doesn’t it? It’s the end of August and the return of FAN EXPO Canada, the pop culture extravaganza that takes over the Metro Toronto Convention Centre for 4 days, August 24 – August 27. I’ve lost track of how I’ve been attending these, those my best guess is it’s been 20 years in total, with the last 8 of them with my partner-in-crime, my daughter Anya.

FAN EXPO Canada has grown exponentially over the decades that I’ve been attending, and it’s now a massive event full of Hollywood stars signing autographs, a far cry from its beginnings as a mainly comic book focused event. That doesn’t mean comics are represented this year and every year, of course, but like Sam Diego Comic-Con, the event has become incredibly mainstream with something to offer every fan.

From my perspective, this year offers a fantastic line-up of comic book guests, ranging from legends like former Marvel Editor-In-Chief Jim Shooter, Dark Knight Returns icon Frank Miller, and famed Spider-Man scribe Dan Slott (yes Dan, you’ve fallen into legendary status now, you’ve been around that long) to creators like Zeb Wells and Sweeney Boo. I started reading comics during the Shooter era, so you can bet I’ll be asking for him to sign my Marvel Super Hero Secret Wars Omnibus.

For the horror fans, the big deal this year is the appearance of the core cast of the original Scream film – Neve Campbell, Matthew Lillard, Jamie Kennedy, and Skeet Ulrich. They’ll be doing a special “An Evening With…” on Thursday night, which will definitely be filled with some great stories from one of horror’s great film franchises.

Speaking of Matthew Lillard, on Saturday and Sunday he’ll be doing photo opps with legendary voice actor Frank Welker; if you won’t know why that pairing is exciting, well, it’s because they’re the modern day Scooby-Doo (Welker, who also voices Fred) and Shaggy (Lillard). So, now Anya and I will definitely be at FAN EXPO Canada on Sunday to get our pictures with that dynamic duo.

For all the Anime lovers out there, there’s going to be lots of look at and people to meet as well, but you can check out Anya’s post here for all those details.

Finally, one thing that’s stood out to me this year that has peaked my interest is the growing number of tattoo artists who are going to be on hand. While I have my person that I usually go to for my ink (shout out to Chelsey at Scarlett Begonias on Woodbine here in Toronto,) I do have one little space that I could get filled with something. Hmm, something to consider.

All in all, it’s going to be yet another massive weekend of pop culture goodness at FAN EXPO Canada this year, and you know it’s going to be freaking busy. If you’re looking to not be overwhelmed with the crowds, I’d aim to go on Thursday or Friday. Saturday will be a madhouse, with Sunday not too far off from the previous day. You’ll want to also bring water bottles and snacks, as well, because walking between the North and South buildings will likely make you a bit hangry.

For even more details on who else will be at the event, ticket prices, and more, head over to the official FAN EXPO Canada website. And if you see Anya and I wandering around, be sure to say hi!

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