Figure Friday: Power-Con and Cosmic Legions

Power-Con 2023 is officially in the books and I have to say the second time around was far superior to the first. As a conventioneer, you always want to have a smooth easy-going experience and feel like you had a good time for the price of admission. After year one in Columbus, I felt that there was potential for growth and I was happy to see things trending in the right direction in year two. Join me as I recap my Power-Con experience and share why it’s quickly becoming one of my favorite conventions.

This year’s show floor was twice the size, increasing both the number of vendors and manufacturers. Additionally, they adjusted the floor plan pushing the manufacturers to the back affording more space for the lines and promoting a better flow of traffic on the show floor. There were plenty of people with strollers and wagons full of Cosmic Legions and the main floor never felt crowded on Friday afternoon.

I was able to get up close and personal with some great looking new products from many of my favorite lines. Fresh Monkey Fiction was on hand showing off their Naughty or Nice Collection as well as their soon to be released Operation: Monster Force figures. I fell in love with the Sasquatch figure and it quickly went to the top of my most anticipated list. Valaverse was there showing off the Vanguard 1/12 scale assault vehicle from their Action Force line. The blast effects looked even better in person. AXYTOYS had their giant dinosaurs on display, but a rapping gorilla grabbed my attention. On the heels of their successful Kickstarter campaign, Savage Crucible was on-hand showing off a number of the figures I’ve been drooling over. The Harbinger of The Abyss and Frazetta’s Warrior were both stand outs.

NECA had much more product to display this year. I appreciate that they put more money and effort this time. Last year felt like they were holding back. Fingers crossed we can get some convention exclusives from them next year! The addition of larger manufacturers like Super 7, McFarlane and Mondo as well as NECA increasing their presence at the show gives me hope that Power-Con will see even more big names in the future. I know Mattel has kept an arm’s length despite this originally being a MOTU inspired convention. I’d love to see both Mattel and Hasbro embrace the Midwest by setting up booths next year. Stop limiting yourselves to New York and San Diego. We buy toys here in the Midwest as well. Come give us free stuff and product announcements! I give you too much money to afford to go to either of the big two.

Even with the potential to add more manufacturers in the future, it will be tough to steal the spotlight from Four Horsemen Studios. The Horsemen debuted the next wave of their Cosmic Legions on Friday night and if the lines of fans mobbing their booth for the Wave 1 of Cosmics was any indication, they have another smashing success on their hands. From the moment I hit the show floor I stood in a 90-minute line in hopes of securing the early convention release of Agent 83 and Sskur’ge. I ended up missing out. Friday’s inventory ran out just four people ahead of me. I still managed to grab a couple Sphexxians and Kraggnar. I also had an opportunity to pick up my preordered Demistros figure from the Power Con Toy Room so for back to back years the winners of my wallet were the Horsemen. I can only imagine the sales numbers they pulled in that weekend, but they earn every penny by providing a positive experience at their booth. Well done, everyone!

Josh Wallen

My first journey to Power-Con got me into Mythics. This journey got me into Cosmics. There’s no telling what next year will have in store, but I’m already making plans to feel the Power once more in 2024.

Josh Wallen
Josh Wallen

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