Read This Book Visits the Really Cool Comic Con

Hello there, friends. While I love reviewing new indie books each week, I also love getting out there and checking out little indie cons as well. This weekend I attended one of my favorite local Michigan cons, the Really Cool Comic Con in Flint, Michigan.

Right off the bat, this is what I consider a mid-sized con. Not too big, but also not super tiny either. They had 2 show floors divided by a hallway featuring concessions and restrooms. That honestly really helped with my least favourite part of most cons: the crowds.

Much like Randall, I love gatherings, but I hate people. Well, that’s a little harsh, but since COVID I definitely get nervous in large crowds, so I strapped on my mask and prepared for the worst, but other than some cramped lines for autographs, it was spread out enough that I never felt too restricted.

COVID worries aside, this is a constant problem with most cons. They try to cram too much into too small of a space, and you end up feeling like a linebacker trying to muscle your way through. Having two show floors actually helped thin things out a lot, and having one of the show floors at the bottom of an indoor mini arena meant that there was tons of glorious seating for people to rest their tired feet at.

Seriously, why are so many cons so adverse to providing people a place to sit? We’re old! We need a break!

The fare at Really Cool Comic Con was what you’d expect for a mid-sized con, with vendors selling homemade crafts, local artists selling prints, and a handful of comic, toy, and anime booths scattered throughout. The second show floor had a lot more comics than the first floor, and I definitely did some dollar bin digging, but overall it was a little bit of everything and that was ok with me.

Speaking of things that are ok with me, the big draw this year at the Really Cool Comic Con was a collection of anime voice actors from works like Highschool DxD, My Hero Academia, Dragon Ball, and Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures, among others. I even braved one of the very crowded lines to get a signature from Jamie Marchi to add to my collection. It was great to see more names show up this year, and see this con really grow in size and scope.

If you didn’t get a chance to go this year, you’ll definitely want to keep your eyes peeled for next year’s Really Cool Comic Con. It’s a growing con in a state that needs them, and a great way to spend an afternoon with your nerdy people!

Until next time, Stay Safe.

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