Gilbert Speaks on ‘The Walking Dead: Dead City S01 E02’

In the second episode of The Walking Dead: Dead City, Negan and Maggie meet some interesting survivors, and we learn more about post-apocalyptic Manhattan.

Who’s There?

Holy Zipline! When an elderly Jewish woman steals Negan and Maggie’s stuff, they chase this woman up an elevator shaft and literally out of a high-rise window. Apparently, ziplining between buildings is one of the safest ways to travel in a walker, rat and roach infested Manhattan. The elderly Esther (Eleanor Reissa) trades some pigeon meat for supplies, then introduces Team Maggie to her people: Tommaso (Jonathan Higginbotham), Amaia (Karina Ortiz) and Luther (Michael Anthony). Tommaso tells Negan that there are thousands of them.

Maggie’s poor excuse of why they are in the city doesn’t sound true to Amaia who holds them prisoner in the bank’s restroom…but it is in this quiet space that Negan finally opens up to Maggie about his connection to the Croat (Zeljko Ivanek). The Croat was with Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) from the beginning. Negan explains to Maggie that the Croat was half mad from the horrors of the apocalypse. I really love the way that Negan explains why he had to be a monster back in the day. In a world where the strongest and meanest survive, Negan had to be crazier than his men to keep them in line, and to scare the shit out of his enemies. When Negan explains that he did try to kill Croat when the man got way too dangerous, Maggie doesn’t quite get it, but she will.

We then get sidetracked from the story to spy on Ginny (Mahina Napoleon) and Armstrong (Gaius Charles). Why was it so important to pull away from the better story to watch Armstrong search for his brother’s apartment, or to watch Ginny run away from new Hilltop? It would have been more interesting to learn how the elderly Esther was able to zipline with such ease. Anyway, the reason I watch Dead City is because of Negan and Maggie!

Zeljko Ivanek as The Croat – The Walking Dead: Dead City _ Season 1, Episode 2 – Photo Credit: Peter Kramer/AMC

Okay, done with my rant, but getting back to Negan and Maggie (Lauren Cohan). The group they are staying with gets attacked before Team Maggie even have a chance to ask for help getting to Croat’s building. How did Croat’s Burazi get into the bank so easily? I have to say that I never expected motorcycle helmets equipped with weapons to replace the armor worn by the Commonwealth, but here we are, and I like it.


I really enjoyed this episode because we got to see the old Negan come out after one of the Burazis kill Esther. When Negan calls out to Croat’s men, “Knock, knock,” I actually let out a scream of joy. He’s back! You could tell that Jeffrey was enjoying this scene, too. Negan got the attention of the Burazi, and there is no denying that they now know that there is a new monster in town. Maggie watches in shock as Negan dumps the lifeless body over the railing…but I think she finally gets it. This is what Negan has been telling her the whole time. You have to be a monster to protect your people.

I wonder how Armstrong will play into this story now that he has been captured by the Croat, but for now, I think we need to concentrate on Negan and Maggie and their new allies. As for Ginny, I feel she will wind up a hostage and somehow muck up Maggie’s plans to save her son.

My advice to anyone not watching this series: I know that you might be worn out from The Walking Dead Franchise, but believe me when I say that Dead City is awesome. Watch it on AMC.

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