In The Game: “The Texas Chain Saw Massacre” Video Game Delivers an Unparalleled Horror Experience

What happened is true. Now the m̶o̶t̶i̶o̶n̶ ̶p̶i̶c̶t̶u̶r̶e video game that’s just as real.

Gun Interactive and Sumo Nottingham have recently unveiled their tech-demo for the latest installment in a universally cherished horror franchise.Enthusiasts of both horror gaming and films were filled with excitement when the initial trailer for The Texas Chain Saw Massacre premiered last year. The essence of the source material was captured flawlessly, and it showcased a captivating narrative, setting and characters that expanded upon the film’s established lore that has captivated fans for nearly five decades.

Though Leatherface has appeared in a multitude of games as a playable character, first in a primitive Atari 2600 title based off of the original film, then as guest characters in Mortal Kombat X, Dead By Daylight and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, this will be the first time video game and horror enthusiasts will be able to really step into his shoes and act out the horror once only seen on the big screen.

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre immerses players into the chilling world of the original movie, allowing them to assume the roles of either the sadistic and primal Sawyer family residing in the Leatherface compound, known for their brutal cannibalistic tendencies towards unsuspecting trespassers, or one of several characters desperately striving to escape the clutches of this deranged clan.

The game weaves a distinctive narrative that cleverly serves as a prelude to the events depicted in the iconic 1974 film. When a young woman mysteriously vanishes, her sister and a circle of friends embark on a perilous journey to uncover her whereabouts, unwittingly stumbling upon an eerie farmhouse. The friends are gathered up by the deranged family, bound and left to die in horrific ways in this dilapidated structure. This is where the game starts.

If you choose to be a family member, your objective becomes one of terrorizing and eliminating the opposing team, skillfully tracking them down on the vast property and launching a relentless assault. Conversely, if you choose the role of a victim, your mission is to evade the clutches of your grotesque captors, utilizing every available resource to remain inconspicuous. Yet there’s a caveat. The family team has the opportunity to gather blood around the house through various means, such as collecting it in buckets or from animal corpses strewn about. This blood can then be fed to “Grandpa,” a decrepit, yet hauntingly animated figure on the brink of decomposition. Feeding him this blood gives buffs and enhancements to the family team, amplifying their prowess in their murderous pursuit.

What sets The Texas Chain Saw Massacre apart from other multiplayer asymmetrical survival horror titles like Dead By Daylight and Friday The 13th: The Game, is that if playing as a survivor, you’re not only trying to escape one threat, but a multitude in the form of the main antagonist, alongside his cohorts. If playing as one of the killers, you’re not alone in your quest to eliminate your victims.

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre offers a welcome addition to those looking for a dynamic style of gameplay and to avoid stagnancy and repetition between games, in the form of character abilities. Each character, both on the Sawyer family team and the survivor team has a list of skills that allow for either a strategic escape from the confines of the nightmarish home, or a carefully-crafted tactical approach to brutalizing your prey.

On the Sawyer Family Team, we have:

Leatherface: Our dead-skin mask slasher icon has the “Maim” ability – a trait that allows him to dismember his victims with just a swing of a chainsaw (or a push of the trigger) in order to hastily prevent their escape. He also possesses the power to carve paths through previously inaccessible or unyielding environments, effectively creating shortcuts for both him and his team.

The Hitchhiker: Derived from the early film installments, this masochistic character brings forth the unsettling “Trap” ability. Armed with a sinister creativity, the Hitchhiker fashions deadly bear-traps from human bones, ensnaring unsuspecting victims on their journey to freedom.

Sissy: Seemingly drawing inspiration from Loretta of Texas Chainsaw 3D, Sissy wields the “Bane” ability. Utilizing her skills, she can contaminate and poison crucial items scattered throughout the map, hindering the victim team’s chances of survival.

The Cook: Drayton Sawyer, or simply “The Cook” from first two Texas Chainsaw Massacre movies makes his gaming debut with the “Seek” ability. When activated, The Cook possesses a knack for detecting distant sounds emanating from the victim team, skillfully narrowing down their whereabouts and heightening his team’s chances of capturing them.

Johnny: A fresh addition to the series, Johnny brings a unique skillset to the team with his “Hunt” ability. This trait allows him to track the footsteps left by the victim team, granting him a distinct advantage over those attempting to evade capture solely on foot.

On the victim team, we have:

Ana: Ana, the sister of the missing girl and a central protagonist in the unfolding plot, possesses the “Pain is Nothing” ability, which grants her a resistance to pain, enabling her to endure significantly less damage than her teammates in the face of danger. Additionally, Ana has the capability to temporarily render herself immune to poison and contamination.

Julie: With her “Ultimate Escape” ability, Julie gains a substantial advantage as family members are unable to track her movements effectively. She also experiences less stamina drain when performing arduous tasks like running and jumping.

Sonny: Drawing parallels to The Cook, Sonny possesses the “Heightened Sense” ability, granting him greater perception of auditory cues made by the other team. This heightened awareness enables him to discern noises with precision and accurately pinpoint their source, providing him with a distinct advantage in navigating the environment and locating potential escape routes.

Connie: Unlike her fellow victims who must scavenge for lockpicks to open locked doors, Connie possesses the “Focused” ability. This allows her to effortlessly unlock secured doors without the need for extensive surveying and preparation, streamlining her escape and saving crucial time in scary situations.

Leland: When faced with a direct confrontation between himself or his fellow victims and an enemy from the family team, Leland’s “Life Saver” ability comes into play. With this skill, Leland can launch a counterattack, stunning and temporarily incapacitating the assailant. This intervention provides a lifeline for Leland and his team, offering a second chance at survival and a crucial opportunity to escape and regroup.

In the months leading up to its release date, the game will undergo further development and introduce additional captivating gameplay features. Among these additions are an “Attributes” page and a skill-tree system, reminiscent of those commonly found in immersive role-playing games.

As the release of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre draws near, horror aficionados and gamers alike can mark their calendars for August 18th. Prepare to experience the spine-chilling terror on both Playstation and Xbox, as well as PC.

Stay tuned and prepare for a gaming experience that will leave you screaming for more. The Texas Chain Saw Massacre is coming, and it’s ready to carve its way into your nightmares.

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