Figure Friday: Across the Spiderverse Marvel Legends

After being delayed for over a year, Sony is set to release the sequel to the greatest superhero movie of all time, Spider-Man: Across the Spiderverse. While the movie will be released June 2, the delay caused many of the films toys to sit on store shelves for close to a year. Marvel Legends was a notable exception. Fortunately, those Legends started hitting store shelves not too long ago, allowing collectors to grab the latest versions of Miles, Gwen and Peter B. Parker. This time around, they’ve brought some reinforcements. Let’s take a look at a few of the new additions as we travel Across the Spiderverse.

Spider-Man 2099

Oscar Isaac cameoed during the post credits scene of the fist Spiderverse movie, introducing us to Spider-Man 2099 and teasing us of things to come. I’ve never been too big on the character of Spider-Man 2099, so I’ve got no inkling of where they’re going with the story. I think Spider-Man 2099 may be the villain when all is said and done, but we’ll have to take a wait and see approach. The figure has some unique features that Hasbro has incorporated into the design. First up is the semi-translucent web cape. It would have been nice if this was detachable, but it appears to be glued into place. He also has large oversized talon bracers on his forearms. They look great and are made of soft plastic, so they may not take your eye out, but might run the risk of warping if your shelf is exposed to any heat or sunlight. Spider-Man 2099 has just about all your standard Marvel Legends articulation points, with the exception of a boot cut (an issue that’s also present on both Spider-Punk and Jessica Drew). The figure looks great, but posing can be a bit limited due to the items I highlighted.


Spider-Punk had a previous comics inspired Marvel Legends release a few years back. The Spiderverse Punk has a fantastic character design. Lean and lanky with a killer pair of boots and a studded black leather vest to match the spikes on his head. Mix in what appears to be running mascara coming from his Spider eyes as the chef’s kiss and you’re left with a great looking figure. Hasbro has done an excellent job with this interpretation. The detail-work on the vest is fantastic. The laces on the boots being mismatched is also a nice touch. He doesn’t come with much in the way of accessories, but the guitar has some nice deco and you get one extra hand to worship the Gods of Rock with. I’m a bit concerned about the knee joints on those skinny legs and their ability to hold up over time, but the form over function works for me at the moment.

Jessica Drew Spider-Woman

It isn’t every day you get to add an action figure to your collection that depicts a pregnant woman. Even better, it isn’t every day you get to add an action figure to your collection voiced by the talented Issa Rae. Jessica Drew Spider-Woman accomplishes both of those tasks and then some. Hasbro is no stranger to unique hair sculpts and Jessica provides them another opportunity to bring some variety to the Legends line. That big head of beautifully sculpted hair presents some challenges when you’re posing, but the baby bump helps to counter balance her slightly. I usually give a pass to bigger figures for not having all the bells and whistles from an articulation standpoint. I’ll give that same pass to Spider-Woman for not having an ab crunch. I might have liked to see a deluxe offering with Jessica packed in with the motorcycle that has been featured in the trailers, but I’m grateful to see her represented in figure form.

I love it when figures stand out on your shelf. They capture your eye from across the room and draw you in. The Spiderverse figures are a perfect example of this. These are all excellent interpretations of the subject matter. While they may not be as accessory heavy as some other Marvel Legends, there also doesn’t appear to be a ton of reuse here. The cost is all in the figure. Once the movie hits theaters, I have a feeling some of these might be a little tougher to find than others. If the character design of Spiderverse speaks to you, these figures are must have.

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