Figure Friday: Batman: The Animated Series Harley Quinn 1/6 Scale Figure by Mondo

Batman: The Animated Series is the definitive Batman to me. Over the course of four seasons, it managed to create timeless origin stories for damn near every inmate of Arkham Asylum. If that weren’t enough, it also managed to create one of the most iconic characters to ever grace Gotham in Dr Harleen Quinzel, or as most people know her, the incomparable Harley Quinn. Mondo has been in the business of making Batman figures for a couple years now and they’ve finally given Harley fans the figure they’ve always dreamed of.

I don’t collect many 1/6 scale action figures. I’m more of a 6-inch guy, but when something as good as Mondo’s Harley Quinn figure comes along, I take notice. This is a timed release, meaning that if you don’t order before May 16, you’re going to miss out on a lot of what makes this offering so special. Namely, Harley’s pair of hyena sidekicks Lou and Bud. Each hyena looks to measure in at about 5 inches. With no articulation, they’re more statues than figures, but they present some excellent figure photography opportunities. Lou and Bud also get a bowl, a slab of meat and a bone for when they’re not menacing hapless victims at Harley’s side. If the hyenas aren’t enough to motivate you to place an order prior to May 16, maybe one of the three additional head portraits will have you reaching for your credit card. Included in the timed release are a smirking head, a cheerful head and an unmasked Dr Harleen Quinzel. All three heads are worthy additions and add a ton of versatility and display options.

While three head portraits, two hyena sidekicks and their accessories are great incentives to order the timed release, the standard release isn’t anything to sneeze at either. The Harley figure itself stands in at 11.5 inches tall and has pinless knees and elbows. It doesn’t appear to have thigh, boot or bicep cuts, but the number of accessories helps to make up for any shortcomings that the articulation might present. I’m normally not a fan of cell shading on figures, but Batman: The Animated Series character design and Mondo’s “less is more” approach really brings out the best of the effect.

The standard release figure gets two head portraits (smiling and angry), five sets of hands, her signature mallet, the Joker’s scepter, a purse, poison perfume bottle, mannequin arm, Batman’s utility belt, a pair of Batcuffs and a decree from Arkham Asylum proving Harley’s sanity. The accessories are all highly detailed and very well done. You can spend hours in the photobooth with Harley using just what’s included in the standard release.

I haven’t collected any of Mondo’s previously released Batman: The Animated Series figures, but seeing Harley alongside Joker and Batman make me want to go back and buy the whole set. There’s also a Catwoman, and I’m hopeful that we might get a Poison Ivy at some point to complete the Gotham Sirens. You can preorder both the Timed Release and Standard versions of Mondo’s Harley Quinn now. The figure is expected to ship in September.

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