What’s Going On: Peach PRC, Robbi Niles, Moka Only, Jess Glynne + AEW’s HAYTER HITS HARD

In this week’s edition of What’s Going On, we’ve got the hottest new releases from Peach PRC, Robbi Niles, Moka Only, and Jess Glynne. All that plus, a hot new dance mix from AEW. Yes, All Elite Wrestling. As always, if you dig what you hear, be sure to stream and follow the artists.

Peach PRC – Aussie pop pixie Peach PRC is out now with her new EP, Manic Dream Pixie. The six-song project released via Republic Records/Universal Music Canada showcases Peach PRC’s knack for writing pop gems that feature both her killer wit and refreshing vulnerability. She just dropped a new lyric video for the single and standout track “Kinda Famous.” Produced by Konstantin Kersting, the genius behind Tones & I’s viral smash “Dance Monkey,” “Kinda Famous” is a slice of dance-floor ready hyper-pop that nods at early 2000s pop. Listeners of a certain age will instantly feel a sense of familiarity from “Kinda Famous,” which means that we’re getting kinda old and that everything does indeed come back around again.

Listen to Peach PRC’s new single “Kinda Famous” below.

Robbi Niles – Barbados-born multihyphenate Robbi Niles is proving that he’s one of the next big Canadian talents to watch with the release of his new single “Havana.” Growing up playing the steel pan, there’s definitely an island vibe that runs through Robbi’s material. The songwriter-producer-composer and skilled musician added a new element to his sound, this time infusing Afrobeats into his latest single. Speaking on how “Havana” came to be, Robbi Niles states: “Sometimes the best music is created when it is not planned. The idea of this song was born at an impromptu writing session for another project I was working on. After I had created the sample, I left it for approximately three weeks until I was sure which music direction I wanted to pursue. Once I knew Afrobeats was the genre I wanted to create, I then formulated a plan to execute ‘Havana.’”

Listen to Robbi Niles’ new single “Havana” below.

Moka Only – With a career that spans nearly 30 years, Vancouver-based artist Moka Only is a name that has to be mentioned when talking about the history of hip-hop in Canada. Coming to national prominence during his time with Swollen Members and having collaborated with departed greats like J Dilla and MF Doom, the rapper born Daniel Denton hasn’t slowed down at all. Moka Only’s new studio album In and of Itself is due out on May 19th via URBNET. His new single “Tablecloth” serves as a taste of what listener’s can expect from the project. Pulling from jazz, hip-hop and soul, “Tablecloth”really highlight’s Moka Only’s impressive laidback flow and witty wordplay. Not just a skilled MC, Moka Only is also a celebrated visual artist and designed the cover art for his forthcoming album.

Listen to Moka Only’s new single “Tablecloth” below.

Jess Glynne – Divisive UK singer-songwriter Jess Glynne is back with her new single “Silly Me,” out now via EMI. A string of gaffes during a three-year hiatus including majorly putting her foot in her mouth on a podcast and a very public social media dust-up with a London restaurant have tainted how online fans view one of the UK’s most decorated voices. This new soulful pop ballad appears to not just be a love letter to her fans but also a reflection on what it was like going through that tumultuous time. Explaining what “Silly Me” is about, Jess Glynne says: “This song really is about learning from your mistakes and growing from them. Life isn’t perfect, we all mess up along the way and have moments where we have felt silly, but what matters is picking yourself up and not being too hard on yourself.” Will this mea culpa land with the record buying public? Time will tell. Give “Silly Me” a listen and let us know what you think about it.

Listen to Jess Glynne’s new single “Silly Me” below.

HAYTER HITS HARD – And now for something completely different! Wrestling and raving are two very sweaty activities and now they’ve come together in the form of “HAYTER HITS HARD.” Billed as a “Jamie Hayter 30-Minute #HayterRave,” the track is a non-stop dance mix that mashes up 20 Original AEW Themes (the songs that play when the wrestling promotion’s larger than life wrestlers come out to the ring) through the filter of standout AEW wrestler Jamie Hayter’s entrance music “INDIGNATION.” Think of it as one giant modern-day Jock Jams megamix or a supersized version of polarizing Canadian hockey icon Don Cherry’s 1992 novelty dance hit “Rock’Em Sock’Em Techno.” It’s definitely wacky, but it works.

Listen to AEW Music’s “HAYTER HITS HARD” below.

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