What’s Going On: Lyan Paris, NF, Skating Polly, Florence + The Machine, HotWax

Here we go! Another instalment of What’s Going On means more great new music for you to enjoy. We’ve got the latest from Lyan Paris, NF, Skating Polly, and HotWax. Plus, Florence + The Machine’s cover of a beloved No Doubt hit. Will you like it? Maybe. Maybe not. Drop us a comment and let us know what you think of it. As always, if you dig what you hear, be sure to stream and follow the artists.

Lyan Paris – Alternative hip-hop duo just dropped “No Hesitation”, their collaboration with Toronto-based rapper anders and their first single of 2023 via Universal Music Canada. Childhood friends Luke Marshall and Ryan Goulding (Luke + Ryan = Lyan) showed that they could deliver a feel-good bop with a message on their singles “Good Day” and “Problems,” but “No Hesitation” sees them delivering an unabashed self-assured party anthem.  How did “No Hesitation” come to be? According to Lyan Paris: “We both have been wanting to work with anders for a long time. We grew up listening to his songs in high school, so this is a full circle moment for us. We listen to a lot of party songs with our friends, and we didn’t have anything like that, so we wanted to make something that our friends could listen to while they’re turning up. This is for them, and anybody that wants some fresh party vibes.”

Listen to Lyan Paris’ new single “No Hesitation” ft. anders below.

NF – Michigan rapper NF isn’t holding back on his new single “Motto.” With lyrics like ““I could write a record full of radio songs, do a bunch of features that my label would love. Sounds like a nightmare if you ask me, went from my bedroom to the big leagues,” it’s safe to say that NF is being very unapologetic on the second single from his forthcoming album HOPE. The artist, whose real name is Nate Feuerstein, peppers the track with witty and humorous rhymes that see him thumbing his nose at the industry. Driving the message home even further is the Patrick Tohill-directed that sees the rapper attending a mock award show. HOPE is due out on April 7 via NF Real Music/Virgin Music/Universal Music Canada.

Listen to NF’s new single “Motto” below.

Skating Polly – Tacoma-based trio Skating Polly are getting ready to drop Chaos County Line, a double album via El Camino Media. Chaos County Line marks the first new studio recording in five years for the Oklahoma-born band consisting of Kelli Mayo, Peyton Bighorse, and Kurtis Mayo. The first taste of what’s to come from the jam-packed double LP is “Hickey King.” The raucous tune about power dynamics in sex and relationships was produced by the band’s frequent collaborator Brad Wood. Explaining how “Hickey King” relates to their experiences, Skating Polly’s Kelli states: “In Peyton’s verse she’s talking about never knowing how far to go or how much of yourself to give to someone, and when my part comes crashing in it’s about guys being possessive and always trying to leave their mark on you.”

Listen to Skating Polly’s new single “Hickey King” below.

Florence + The Machine – This week, SHOWTIME dropped the trailer for Season 2 of their hit series Yellowjackets. Soundtracking the trailer was Florence + The Machine’s new single, a cover of the No Doubt classic “Just A Girl.” Listeners will notice that the massive pop-punk song from 1995 has been taken in a darker direction, matching the unsettling vibe of Yellowjackets. Speaking on the cover, Florence Welch states: “I’m such a huge fan of Yellowjackets and this era of music, and this song especially had a huge impact on me growing up, so I was thrilled to be asked to interpret it in a ‘deeply unsettling’ way for the show. We tried to really add some horror elements to this iconic song to fit the tone of the show. And as someone who’s first musical love was pop punk and Gwen Stefani it was a dream job.”

Listen to Florence + The Machine’s cover of “Just A Girl” below.

HotWax – Anyone that says rock is dead hasn’t listened to HotWax. The UK trio recently signed to Marathon Artists (Pond, Afro B, Courtney Barnett) and now they’re out with their new single “Treasure.” Despite just being 18 years old, Tallulah, Lola, and Alfie of HotWax deliver a ferocious punk meets grunge sound that’s sure to make them a hit with fans on both sides of the Atlantic. There’s no artifice on “Treasure,” just raw energy and propulsion. This summer, you can catch HotWax playing the festival circuit in the UK alongside acts like Queens of the Stone Age, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and The Strokes. The future is bright for HotWax.

Listen to HotWax’s new single “Treasure” below.

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