Figure Friday: Transformers Studio Series Gamer Editions + What Could be the Perfect Flash Figure

I’m very please to say that I did not in fact freeze to death after submitting my last installment of Figure Friday. All told, I was without power for two full days and was forced to pack up the cats and relocate to a warmer location (my parents’ house). It was also a great time to find out that one of my cats gets car sick.

Even though I had two forced days off of work, I didn’t have much time to go prowling for new toys. Much of my time was chewed up by constantly refreshing the power company website to check and see if the estimated time to have my power restored had been updated. I did manage to sneak in the purchase of a small Star Wars figure at the tail end of the weekend to make myself feel better after how unrelentingly shitty the preceding couple of days had been.

Onward to new toys!

Transformers Studio Series Gamer Edition

Now these are puzzling. 

At first glance I thought these were re-released versions of the figures from a decade-plus ago but upon closer inspection I was surprised to see that they’re ALL NEW figures.

Large…and in charge. My man Prime has to go through doors SIDEWAYS,

The blurb:

Reach into the digital world of classic Transformers video games with the Studio Series Voyager Class Gamer Edition Optimus Prime action figure, inspired by the Transformers: War for Cybertron video game. Build the ultimate Transformers collection with Studio Series Gamer Edition figures, inspired by iconic digital game scenes and designed with specs and details to reflect the Transformers video game universe. 

Also getting the Studio Series treatment for the newly christened Gamer Editions are Bumblebee and Barricade. I previously collected the War for Cybertron figures that were released in tandem with the video game, so I don’t really have a need for new versions of the same characters since the original ones were pretty dang good. I guess it’s cool they’re getting updated releases but I’m personally hoping against hope that we’re going to get a re-release of the video games on current gen systems. It’s my understanding that once the publisher of the games lost the license they were delisted from Xbox and PlayStation shops so the only way you can play them now is if you have physical copies of the games…and a system to play them on. 

It may be time to dig out my Xbox 360…

Kaiyodo Revoltech Amazing Yamaguchi The Flash

I’m writing this portion of the column about an hour and five minutes before ACTUAL Figure Friday is supposed to begin. Normally I don’t wait until the literal last minute to do these things but, hey, I got a life, right? I was also hoping this figure would go up for preorder so I could post a link to it and order one myself.

To date, I’ve not purchased any Revoltech figures. Their Batman and Superman figures did nothing for me. Their Spider-Man left me cold. But this Flash figure…well, it could be the most perfect Flash figure ever produced.

Gotta go fast!

Simply put, it just works. I’ve never seen such a dynamic looking Flash figure in all my days and I’ll gladly open my wallet to get this thing on my shelf. Hell, even the Reverse Flash figure (which is just color swapped with a different face) is amazing and would make for an excellent shelf diorama.

Of course, I am concerned about falling down another collecting rabbit hole. At first glance I thought to myself, “I hope this doesn’t awaken anything in me” like what happened with the MAFEX Spider-Man figures. But as I mentioned up top I wasn’t quite as enraptured with their other offerings. The dynamic aspect of The Flash sculpt actually works against Batman and Superman, oddly. So I think my wallet is safe…for now.

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