Exclusive Preview: Take a Look Inside “White Savior #2” From Dark Horse Comics

Earlier this year, JP Fallavollita featured Eric Nguyen and Scott Burman’s White Savior from Dark Horse Comics in The Wednesday Run. Well, today we’re excited to share an exclusive preview of the second issue of White Savior, which hits shops Wednesday, February 15th.

White Savior #2
Written by:
Eric Nguyen and Scott Burman
Art by: Eric Nguyen
Color by: Iwn Joko Triyono
Letters by: Micah Myers
Both covers by: Eric Nguyen
On sale: February 15, 2023

Summary: Yesterday, Todd Parker was ignoring his grandfather’s story about the decimation of the ancient Japanese village of Inoki. Today, Todd is stranded in Inoki just days before its destruction. The good news is that he knows how this turns out. The villagers place their trust in a savior who is anything but a savior. But how is he going to convince them not to follow that man when they’ve branded our scrawny hero the village idiot? Todd Parker, ignorer of stories passed down from generation to generation, is the only thing standing between Inoki and destruction.

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