Kickstarter Alert! Unlikely Heroes Studios & Dee Fish’s “Finding Dee”


The fine folks over at Unlikely Heroes Studios are running yet another Kickstarter campaign that I deem worthy of your attention!

Out now is the campaign for Finding Dee which “started as a weekly webcomic devoted to the semi-autobiographical misadventures of a 40-something cartoonist trying to make it in comics while navigating the ins and outs of coming out as a transgender woman. Also, trying to find a place to pee.”

I was fortunate enough to get an advance peek at the collected edition and it’s a rare thing finding a webcomic I actually like, and an even rarer thing finding one that’s actually good. For the small-minded out there, it would be extremely easy to be dismissive of the comic strip given its subject matter, but Finding Dee is unrelentingly charming with its humor and presents a quietly moving chronicle of a person finding themselves. 

Also, I know when I’m being pandered to and I both applaud and approve of the nerdy humor depicted throughout the book. The line between, “I understood that reference!” and, well, “Bazinga!” is millimeters thin and one that Dee Fish adeptly walks in a death-defying high wire act. Which is to say, while the humor can be reference heavy, it never outstays its welcome or becomes the joke itself. A lesser comic would just have the punchline be “Star Trek!” and not a humorous contrasting of The Next Generation vs Deep Space Nice. 

Yet another reason you’ll want to back this Kickstarter is because you’ll be getting the previously black and white strips now in FULL COLOR. Kind of like if the Star Wars Special Editions were actually special.

You can back the Kickstarter HERE. 

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