What’s Going On: Dora Jar Live at The Drake Underground Review, Plus New Music From Zach Zoya, Nakhane, Mae Muller, Bahari

In this week’s instalment of What’s Going On, we’ve got a review of alt-pop sensation Dora Jar’s show last night in Toronto at The Drake Underground. If you’re not already familiar with Dora Jar, you’ll definitely want to be. Plus, the latest new releases from Zach Zoya, Bahari, Mae Muller, and Nakhane. As always, if you dig what you hear, be sure to stream and follow the artists.

Dora Jar – Last night, alt-pop star Dora Jar took her first North American headlining tour through Toronto. The rising Californian singer-songwriter played at The Drake Underground, the famed performance venue attached to the trendy Drake Hotel. Knowing that Dora Jar was fresh off of performing on the Australia and New Zealand leg of Billie Eilish’s Happier Than Ever World Tour, there definitely appeared to be a major overlap in the types of fans that came out to see Dora. Seeing a flock of young concertgoers standing at the front of the stage and singing along at the top of their lungs every time Dora brought her microphone towards them, proved the devotion of her rapidly growing fanbase. Backed by a stellar band, the airy bedroom pop songs were injected with a bit of an edge. Dora rocked the stage with the ease and poise of a seasoned performer. It felt like everyone in attendance was witnessing a star on the ascent. The future is bright with this one.

Listen to Dora Jar’s new single “Spell” below.

Zach Zoya – Rising Montreal artist Zach Zoya is back with two hot new singles, “Come By Here” and “Birthday Sex.” These songs showcase a season of growth for the singer-rapper, who continues to cement his place as Canada’s next big act poised to break out in a major way. The new songs also dive into a darker and more vulnerable side of the young artist as he tackles sex, insecurity, and intimacy. Speaking on why these two songs needed to be released together, Zach says: “It was important for me to drop these two songs at the same time. They continue the narrative I established in No Love Is Ever Wasted on songs like ‘All Alone In The Universe’ and ‘Start Over’, only these tracks have a more mature, somewhat darker perspective on love.” If you liked what you heard, you can catch Zach Zoya making his Toronto headlining debut on December 7th at The Drake Underground.

Listen to Zach Zoya’s new singles “Come By Here” and “Birthday Sex” below.

Nakhane – South African multi-disciplinary artist Nakhane teamed up with Perfume Genius for their latest single “Do You Well.” Both artists are beloved for their more solemn and reflective material, so it took fans by surprise that the track is a sultry and sexy dance number. Produced by Emre Türkmen with assistance from disco god Nile Rodgers, “Do You Well” has a carnal lasciviousness that harkens back to the sweat-soaked days when Giorgio Moroder ruled the clubs. Speaking on the collaboration with Perfume Genius, Nakhane says: “I always thought singing with him would be a beautiful thing. I liked that it’s a song that was not necessarily what people would expect from us: a sad, trauma-mining ballad. Instead I wanted us to make a banger.”

Listen to Nakhane’s new single “Do You Well” ft. Perfume Genius below.

Mae Muller – English pop sensation Mae Muller wants to make the world groove with her new single “I Just Came To Dance.” As you’d expect from the song title, it’s the kind of big dancefloor banger that’s so desperately needed right now. Created with pop titans Jason Evigan and Lionel Crasta, the infectious groove and hypnotic melody of “I Just Came To Dance” are tailor made for carefree nights out. Explaining the feel of her new single, Mae says: “Okay one confession about me is I am a massive flirt, and that is what I want this song to feel like. One big, massive FLIRT. When you meet someone when you least expect it can be so exciting, and I wanted to capture that, while also capturing the tease. When you know someone is feeling you so you kind of make them sweat a little bit. It’s also time that we all just had a dance.”

Listen to Mae Muller’s new single “I Just Came To Dance” below.

Bahari – Alt-pop duo Bahari just dropped “Destructive”, their fabulous new Desmond Child-penned single. Natalia Panzarella and Ruby Carr grabbed listeners’ attention with their song “Hot Mess” earlier this year. This track, written by Desmond Child with Rock Mafia, is sure to keep that momentum going. “Destructive” filters all of the signature Desmond Child soaring drama and bombast through a decidedly Gen Z lens, which makes for a captivating listen. Speaking on the new single, Bahari states: “We were always so drawn to this song and kept finding ourselves going back to it. ‘Destructive’ is raw and honest, about how we have come to know ourselves better. Accepting that one’s self-sabotage and destructive behavior, whether conscious or subconscious, is something that is a part of us.”

Listen to Bahari’s new single “Destructive” below.

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