Gilbert Speaks on Chris Chan Lee’s ‘Silent River’

A man is on the run, but from who or what? A woman arrives at a motel with a strange package. The man in the desert demands gold coins to cross to the other side. Silent River has you questioning what is real?

Silent River

Silent River is writer/producer/director Chris Chan Lee’s third feature film. It is definitely inspired, in my opinion, by David Lynch, which I am positive that you will agree with me once you watch this film. The film, starring West Liang, Amy Tsang, Max Faugno, and Dakota Loesch is a dark sci-fi mystery that begins with Elliott (West Liang) driving through a barren desert in hopes of reconciling with his wife. He is limping, but we don’t know how he obtained his injury. After arriving at a motel, he meets a mysterious woman named Greta (Amy Tseng). She strongly resembles his wife, Julie. Greta has a dark secret, and it isn’t long before Elliott is pulled into her web.

Greta, because she so strongly resembles Elliott’s wife, is able to entice Elliott into helping her unload a huge box from her car. It isn’t until Elliott spies on Greta that he learns what is inside of the box, and that is when things get really weird. Greta is hiding from a company that wants their robot back. Yes, there is a robot in this film and this robot contains the soul of Greta’s husband, Patrick (Max Faugno).


Greta needs gold coins to trade with the reality bending Ferryman (Dakota Loesch) in order to save her husband. I told you this film has Lynchian vibes; we aren’t quite sure if Elliott is even alive because of the scene in the elevator where the other guests don’t see or hear him, but we do learn through flashbacks, that Elliott has lost his auto repair shop and owes money to his former employees. This may be why his wife has deserted him.

Max Faugno is outstanding as the robot with feelings, but Silent River left me with so many unanswered questions. I liked the film, but I honestly don’t know or understand just what the heck the message was. Maybe it’s my old granny brain, but I might need to watch it a few times to figure out what happened at the end.

Silent River is now on VOD.

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