Figure Friday: AEW Unrivaled Series 9 Highlights

It’s been a minute since I’ve had enough AEW pickups to warrant a column, but the Toy Gods have blessed me with the Unrivaled Series 9 figures that were on my shopping list. Some of these figures had me skeptical based on the promo pics. Do they measure up to the competition or will they be forced to tap out? Let’s take a look at Eddie Kingston, Thunder Rosa and my personal favourite tag team Ricky Starks and Powerhouse Hobbs!

Eddie Kingston

Everyone’s favorite everyman fights hard with Eddie Kingston in Jazwares AEW Unrivaled Series 9! Kingston has two interchangeable fight-ready headscans and removable brown, molded cross necklaces. He also has a black and yellow ring top, white wrist tape and three pairs of interchangeable hand accessories. He’s rounded out with a yellow molded belt, black ring pants and black boots!

When I first saw this Eddie Kingston figure, I wasn’t crazy about it. After getting the Mad King in hand, I can say that the pictures don’t do him justice. The hair might be a bit too dark, but it’s not a deal breaker. True to form, this figure isn’t flashy, but if you’re a fan of Eddie Kingston, you’re not looking for a flashy figure. You’re looking for the Kingston attitude and you get it in spades. The mean mugs and the multiple hands make sure of that. I’d love for the next Eddie figure to have the straps of his ring top pulled down to his waist for a topless look. Throw in a soft goods Terry Funk tee shirt and that would be a perfect compliment to this figure. Hopefully the folks at Jazwares are readers of the column!

Thunder Rosa

Show off your incredible ability with Thunder Rosa in Jazwares AEW Unrivaled Series 9! Rosa has an incredible headsculpt with black, molded headdress and black and white face paint. She’s also wearing a removable black molded jacket and black and gold top with silver trim featuring a sugar skull. She’s also wearing matching black ring trunks with silver trim and features an accurate leg tattoo. She’s rounded out with black knee pads, one featuring a rose, black and gold kick pad style boots with ‘La Mera’ in the front and lightning bolt designs and interchangeable hand accessories!

La Mera Mera was one of my most anticipated figures of Unrivaled Wave 9. She’s also one of the figures that’s forcing me to pound the pavement trying to track down the chase. That version features a drastically different turquoise colored ring gear and Mexican flag. The standard release is no slouch, either. The facepaint and tattoo work are stellar. The head sculpt is spot on, capturing Rosa’s personality perfectly. Where many of the women’s figures have had a tendency to warm the pegs, I don’t think that will be the case with Thunder. While she might be sidelined with injury, she’s still the AEW Women’s World Champion and one of the more popular women in the division. Pair that with an extremely toyetic look and you should have a recipe for success. Pick up Thunder if you see her!

Ricky Starks

Youth and ability are all you need with Ricky Starks in Jazwares AEW Unrivaled Series 9! Starks has a confident headsculpt with a removable silver necklace and aqua wrist tape. He’s also sporting one black elbow pad and aqua trunks with ‘R’ in the front and trim in yellow. He’s rounded out with aqua and black knee pads, black and white boots and three pairs of interchangeable hand accessories!

They’re going to make a ton of Ricky Starks figures in the years to come. This is his first time up in the AEW line and they double dipped by making him the other chase of the wave. The chase features Darby Allin style face paint and gear from the Team Taz and Darby/Sting feud. The normal version features a nice metallic aqua and gold paint job on the trunks, knees and wrists. The face sculpt captures the swagger that has been getting much more airtime in recent weeks, and deservedly so. Ricky Starks is Absolute and so is this figure.

Powerhouse Hobbs

Strength gets real with Powerhouse Hobbs in Jazwares AEW Unrivaled Series 9! Hobbs has two interchangeable headsculpts and white wrist tape. He’s also sporting an accurate arm tattoo and is wearing a black and orange singlet with ‘Powerhouse’ in the front and ‘Hobbs’ and ‘FTW’ in the back. He’s rounded out with black knee pads and white and black boots that say ‘Will Power’ in the front!

P-P-P-P-POWERHOUSE! Big Willie Hobbs has come a long way in his AEW career. It’s been an absolute pleasure watching this guy mold himself into one of the most underrated performers on the roster. There aren’t many men who can get an endorsement from The Enforcer Arn Anderson when it comes to a Spinebuster. Powerhouse Hobbs is on that short list. They did a really nice job of capturing the size of Powerhouse Hobbs. Standing next to Ricky Starks really highlights just what a beast he is. It’s not surprising he defeated his former partner so easily at All Out. A great match that got overshadowed in the drama and fallout of the Punk fiasco. Go out of your way to watch that match, and don’t miss out on this figure while you’re at it.

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