What’s Going On: Hunx and His Punx, Aitch, noyou, MOD SUN, New Hope Club

In this week’s edition of What’s Going On, we’ve got the hottest new releases from Hunx and His Punx, Aitch, noyou, MOD SUN, and New Hope Club. As always, if you dig what you hear, be sure to stream and follow the artists.

Hunx and His Punx – As part of Sub Pop Singles Club Vol 7, queer rockers Hunx and his Punx have released their new single “White Lipstick” backed with “Lose My Mind.” With its decidedly retro feeling, “White Lipstick’s” accompanying music video is a whole experience unto itself, with the band looking like they just stepped out of a sleazy John Waters movie. The b-side “Lose My Mind” speaks to the turmoil of the current political climate, perfectly capturing the frustrations of living in a world consumed with guns. This is the first new release from the band since their 2013 album Street Punk, so we certainly hope there’s a new Hunx and His Punk album in the works.

Listen to Hunx and His Punx’s new single “White Lipstick” below.

Aitch – Manchester rapper Aitch was the talk of social media in the lead-up to the release of his debut album Close To Home. Now that the project has dropped, listeners have been wowed by the variety of sounds. From the flirtatious Ashanti-assisted “Baby” to the absolute banger “Louis Vuitton” to the heartwarming “My G” with Ed Sheeran, there’s something for everyone. What does Close To Home mean to Aitch? The rising rapper says: “As much as I say that I’m trying to get out of the ends, and I want to go elsewhere, I always end up back in the same place. Even across the other side of the world, I feel like I bring a sense of Manchester; whether I’m in London or Australia, I’m still Close To Home.”

Listen to Aitch’s new single “My G” featuring Ed Sheeran below.

noyou – Sunderland-based pop-rockers noyou are out now with their new single “The Way You See Me.” The band describes themselves as “synthy fuzzy electronic fun pop rock” and that’s exactly what you get on the new tune. With its combination of big guitars, bright 80s-inspired synths, and a delicious vocal melody, it sounds like the talented quartet has got a hit on their hands. What’s “The Way You See Me” all about? noyou frontman Connor Jobes says: “‘The Way You See Me’ tells a story of long lost relationships and their eventual reunion, from the perspective of a not so perfect person. Friends, family & lovers, will things be the same after time has had its way with us? Or has the distance changed us too much?” 

Listen to noyou’s new single “The Way You See Me” below.

MOD SUN – Alternative superstar MOD SUN is hitting the road with blackbear & Palaye Royale this fall. Along with that exciting news, MOD also dropped his new single “Battle Scars” as the latest taste of what’s to come from his forthcoming album Rich Kids Ruin Everything. Originally teased on social media nearly three years ago, “Battle Scars” has been highly anticipated by MOD SUN fans and it doesn’t disappoint. The powerful pop-punk anthem sees the singer pouring his heart out to his fans and sharing his journey of coming out on the other side of his struggles.  

Listen to MOD SUN’s new single “Battle Scars” below.

New Hope Club – Just a few months ago, British pop outfit New Hope Club returned with “Girl Who Does Both” and “Getting Better” and now they’re back with two more new tracks. This new era for Blake Richardson, Reece Bibby, and George Smith is all about control and they’ve got lots of it as they now have a hand in producing their own material. “Call Me A Quitter” and “Whatever” are the big bright sunny pop songs that we could all use during these dog days of summer. Speaking on “Call Me A Quitter”, the band says: “We feel, as a band, that this is the most personal song we have ever released. We are nervous for everyone to hear it. ‘Call Me A Quitter’ came about when we were sat in the back of a cab in London, talking about how we were struggling with relationships during the pandemic. It was a kind-of therapy session for the three of us to write down how we had all been feeling.”

Listen to “Call Me A Quitter” and “Whatever” from New Hope Club below.

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