What’s Going On: Peach PRC, charlieonnafriday, Richard Marx, EST Gee, Brynn Cartelli

It’s Sunday so that means we’ve got another jam-packed edition of What’s Going On, your favorite weekly new music round-up. This week, we’ve got the hottest new releases from Peach PRC, Richard Marx, EST Gee, Brynn Cartelli, and charlieonnafriday. As always, if you dig what you hear, be sure to stream and follow the artists.

Peach PRC – Australian pop princess Peach PRC needs to be on your radar. Having already amassed millions of subscribers on TikTok and Spotify, it’s clear that Peach PRC is a new star that’s here to stay. “Forever Drunk”, her first collaboration with superstar songwriter Bonnie McKee (Katy Perry, Britney Spears, Kesha), is the definition of a sad bop and will have you dancing to keep from crying. What’s the story behind “Forever Drunk?” Peach PRC says: “‘Forever Drunk’ looks back at my first heartbreak, when at that time I thought this teenage relationship was all I had in my life, I had no family, I hated school, I didn’t think I was smart or talented. So once I lost this person, I went into full on teenage melodramatic devastation, groveling on my hands and knees begging to be taken back. I thought I would NEVER get over it at the time.”

Listen to Peach PRC’s new single “Forever Drunk” below.

charlieonnafriday – Rapper charlieonnafriday is ready to put Seattle back on the map as a hip-hop destination. The 19-year-old was still a junior in high school when the pandemic hit and it wouldn’t take long for his music to start to blow up. Charlie’s new single “Enough” is an instant earworm that highlights the rapper’s pop sensibilities, which isn’t surprising considering the past pop-rap successes of fellow Seattle luminaries of Sir Mix-a-Lot and Charlie’s mentor Macklemore. Reflecting on his journey thus far, Charlie says: “I’m not the same person I was in high school. But I’m still making songs in my bedroom. I’m still capturing moments. And hopefully people want to live through what I capture.”

Listen to charlieonnafriday’s new single “Enough” below.

Richard Marx – Prolific hitmaker Richard Marx is out with a new country single. Co-written by Keith Urban, “One Day Longer” is the first of five country tunes that will feature on Marx’s forthcoming album Songwriter, which will see the singer-songwriter tackling multiple genres and working with a variety of collaborators ranging from Chris Daughtry and Darius Rucker to Burt Bacharach. With its radio-ready feel and Marx’s timeless vocals, one could say “One Day Longer” is the perfect soundtrack for your endless summer nights. Richard Marx’s Songwriter is due out on September 30.

Listen to Richard Marx’s new country single “One Day Longer” below.

EST Gee – Louisville rapper EST Gee is back with “Love Is Blind”, his hot new single. EST Gee’s previous single “Blood” and his joint project Last Ones Left with 42 Dugg garnered a ton of buzz for the rapper who is poised to blow up in a major way. The beat on “Love Is Blind” hits listeners fast and furious. And with “come take a trip down memory lane with a grave digger” as the opening line, you know you’re in for serious business. The self-proclaimed “Young Shiner” is building up so much momentum and we can’t wait to see what’s next.

Listen to EST Gee’s new single “Love Is Blind” below.

Brynn Cartelli – 19-year-old singer-songwriter Brynn Cartelli is out now with her new single “Girl Code.” Featuring production from Adam Argyle, “Girl Code” showcases both Brynn’s captivating vocals and her knack for compelling storytelling. The winner of Season 14 of NBC’s The Voice wrote the track about the night out in NYC when she met her boyfriend. Speaking on how “Girl Code” came to be, Brynn Cartelli says: “I can’t help but write revealing songs about my life, ‘Girl Code’ is a spilled secret about one of my favorite nights in New York City so far.” The talented rising star is working on her next project and we’ll keep you posted when it drops.

Listen to Brynn Cartelli’s new single “Girl Code” below.

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