Figure Friday: The end of Eaglemoss, Jurassic Park, Spider-Men

It’s Figure Friday and there’s a lot of toy news to cover and limited space and time in which to do it! Let’s get to it!

Eaglemoss R.I.P.

Boldly going…nowhere?

During my time with Biff Bam Pop! I’ve occasionally written, at length, about my love for the Star Trek franchise. Not only am I a fan of Star Trek: The Next Generation I’m also quite literally the next generation of Star Trek fandom. My father watched The Original Series when it was NEW and then introduced me to the show when it was syndicated so that I was primed and ready for the Trek movies and later TNG.

The news broke this week that Eaglemoss Limited filed for “Notice of Intention” which doesn’t sound good for the company For the uninitiated, Eaglemoss had for the last decade been producing Star Trek: The Official Starships Collection, a series of small die-cast models that were accompanied by a magazine detailing the specs of the ship and other bits of trivia. Presently, I’ve got at least two large bins full of these ships that I’ve accumulated over the years and if things are going to go the way I fear they are that might be the end of my collection.

At time of publication their website is down and showing only the dreaded 404 error code. Twitter has been flooded with users wondering about the status of their open orders, some of which were subscribers to a model building service in which a new part would be sent monthly allowing subscribers to build a large-scale Enterprise-D.

Personally (and selfishly) I hope they’re able to right the proverbial ship (hey-hey) because there were a LOT of cool ships from season two of Picard that I was looking to add to my fleet.

Jurassic Poop

Eating on the toilet is gross.

I’ll be upfront with you…I have nostalgia for a great many things but Jurassic Park is not one of them.

Don’t get it twisted, dinosaurs are cool and will ALWAYS be cool, but when Jurassic Park premiered in cinemas all those years ago I had grown out of my dinosaur phase. I’ve probably only seen the movie twice if I recall correctly. Once in the theater and once on VHS when I got if for Christmas that year. It was a fine film full of Spielbergian magic but it just didn’t connect with me so I left it in the past. 

Some years ago I was speaking with a coworker that was only a few years younger than me and they were absolutely nuts about the flick. For them it was a Top 10, possibly even Top 5, of all time. I was about as baffled by that as I was when I heard they were going to make MORE Jurassic Park movies. I had never seen any of the original sequels so I watched a (Korean bootleg) of the Chris Pratt one and I finally understood what everyone was talking about when they said Hollywood was creatively bankrupt and could only rely on sequels and nostalgia-bait to get butts in seats. I didn’t feel that way again until Ghostbusters: Afterlife. Shots fired!

Anyways, in my last installment of FF I wrote about my love for ridiculous action figures (side note: My Wun-Dar is showing up TOMORROW!!!) and now there’s an SDCC exclusive Jurassic Park figure of the lawyer sitting on a toilet when get got eaten by the T-Rex.

What a time to be alive.

“Peter! No, Peter-Peter! Peter…Parker?”

5/31 is Green Goblin Day because it’s the end of May

Hot off the presses, Tamashii Nations unveiled a first look at the SH Figuarts Spider-Man: No Way Home Spider-…Men? at the Tamashii Nations Store Tokyo in Akihabara. Which is to say, we’re finally getting their take on the Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield Spider-Man…s?

Also, there’s another version of Tom Holland’s “Integrated Suit” (Final Battle Edition) which somehow has better articulation than the one I got months ago GOD DAMN IT. Beyond the figures simply existing, there’s precious little information about them such as the price, release date, accessories and all that. Which is vexing since they all look amazing and two-thirds of the figures will be the “definitive” versions of those characters for many collectors. For me. I’m writing about me. 

Watch this space because I’m sure I’ll be preordering them and complaining about how expensive they are some time in the not-too-distant future!

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