Gilbert Speaks on Adam Christian Clark’s ‘Diary of a Spy’

I love thrillers, especially when it has to do with spies, and especially if it’s based on based on a true story. Diary of a Spy hit all the right chords.

Diary of a Spy

Diary of a Spy is a romantic thriller that was written, produced, and directed by Adam Christian Clark. This XYZ 2022 film stars Tamara Taylor, Reece Noi, Fred Melamed, Madeline Zima, Susan Sullivan, and Jon Lindstrom.

Anna (Tamara Taylor), who was recruited by the CIA because of her job as a petroleum engineer, is forced to take on another job after her team of seven were executed while on a mission. She was the only survivor. Riddled with guilt, Anna takes to drinking and drugs. Even though she has been paid handsomely for past assignments, Anna is a total fuck up and is down to her last $2,000. When “S” (Susan Sullivan), her new commanding officer offers her a dangerous assignment, Anna is forced to take it.

Anna must connect with and seduce Camden (Reece Noi) a young man who works for the Saudi Royal Family as a tutor to Leila (Madeline Zima). Leila is the beloved sister of Prince Mohammed bin Salman…and she is as wicked as the prince.

Anna, against her instinct for survival and her training as a CIA operative, soon falls for the gentle Camden, who besides tutoring and taking the exams for Leila…does the dirty work for the royal family. His latest assignment…to kill Journalist Jamal Khashoggi. Things soon become complicated when Anna’s manager, James (Fred Melamed) gives her vials of toxic poison to use on Leila.


I am excited to have had the opportunity to review this film. Diary of a Spy moves at a comfortable pace, and you aren’t bombarded with loud explosions, or the main character using parkour to jump from building to building. But don’t be mistaken, even without the explosions, there is plenty of suspense to keep you on the edge of your seat as Anna worms her way into Camden’s inner circle, fully aware that Leila is suspicious of her. Anna must choose between completing her assignment or saving herself and Camden.

As I mentioned in the beginning, Diary of a Spy is based on a true story. Adam Christian Clark has said that he can’t expand further on the details due to the confidential nature of the information he received. Holy hell! Now that’s a story that I would love to watch.

Diary of a Spy is out today on VOD. Make sure you watch this film. I give it a five-star rating.

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