What’s Going On: New Hope Club, Icona Pop & Ultra Naté, Badshah, J Balvin, Tainy, and Lil Baby, Shaboozey, Mod Sun

In this week’s edition of What’s Going On, we’ve got the latest new releases from New Hope Club, Mod Sun, Icona Pop & Ultra Naté, and Shaboozey. Plus, a super-sized collaboration between Badshah, J Balvin, Tainy, and Lil Baby. If you dig what you hear, be sure to stream and follow the artists.

New Hope Club – Manchester pop trio New Hope Club are back and this time, they’re in control. Reece, Blake, and George are stepping into this new era with two songs, “Girl Who Does Both” and “Getting Better” and with the big news that Blake is now also serving as a producer. “Girl Who Does Both” is a sweet folk-pop ditty that harkens back to Simon & Garfunkel, while “Getting Better” is a dance-rock banger. Speaking of their excitement for this new chapter, New Hope Club states: “It has been six years since we formed the band and we have grown together and become experienced musicians and writers by working with amazing people around the world. We felt that it was time to take this project by the scruff of the neck and guide our own path. We wanted to have full reigns over every decision. Writing during a pandemic had an effect on us, we felt that we needed to spread some light and positivity in a time where it was pretty hard to find.”

Listen to New Hope Club’s new singles “Girl Who Does Both” and “Getting Better” below.

Icona Pop & Ultra Naté – Seeing that it’s Pride Month, now is the perfect time to revamp a classic gay anthem and that’s exactly what Swedish duo Icona Pop and house diva Ultra Naté have done. “You’re Free” is a reworking of Ultra’s 1997 dance smash, a song that was immediately adopted as a mantra and rallying call by the LGBTQ community. This new version manages to retain the triumphant feel of the original while giving it a 2022 makeover to feel in step with what’s currently burning up the dancefloor. Discussing the process of putting “You’re Free” together, Icona Pop say: “At first it was intimidating when we started to play around with the idea of making a new version, but it felt natural and really came together when Ultra Naté said she wanted to collaborate on our version, we are beyond honored. Ultra Naté is such a legend and this song is a classic. We hope that we have done it justice.”

Listen to Icona Pop & Ultra Naté’s new single “You’re Free” below.

Badshah, J Balvin, Tainy, and Lil Baby – In a truly international collaboration, rapper Lil Baby has hopped on a new remix of “Voodoo” with Indian singer-songwriter-producer Badshah and Latinx superstars J Balvin and Tainy. The lusty track about falling under someone’s spell is a trilingual affair as it features lyrics in English, Spanish, and Hindi. With Badshah being one of the most promising artists coming out of India today, having already amassed over 15 billion streams, hooking up with Lil Baby, Tainy, and J Balvin is sure to expand his reach even further to achieve global crossover appeal. We look forward to seeing what Badshah does next.

Listen to the new version of “Voodoo” with Badshah, J Balvin, Tainy, and Lil Baby below.

Shaboozey – Virginia native Shaboozey is ready to give you all a serious case of “Gas!” with his brand-new single. Shaboozey has been featued on What’s Going On before for his track “Tall Boy” that effortlessly blended hip-hop with alt-country/Americana. “Gas!” gives listeners more of what they’ve already come to love from the rising artist. With a guitar riff that sounds reminiscent of Johnny Cash and outlaw country, however “Gas!” still feels fresh and of the current moment thanks to its production that pulls from elements of drill music. The accompanying modern day Spaghetti Western music video just further solidifies the vibe that Shaboozey was going for.

Listen to Shaboozey’s new single “Gas” below.

Mod Sun – Pop punk superstar Mod Sun has unveiled the music video for his new single “Imperfectly Perfect” and it’s just in time for the summer. The vibrant video sees Mod Sun roaming the streets of London and taking in the sights such as the River Thames, Hyde Park London, and more. The uplifting track is the latest single to be released from Mod Sun’s forthcoming album Rich Kids Ruin Everything, so keep an eye out for that. Don’t let the sunny disposition of “Imperfectly Perfect” fool you, there’s a message beneath the good vibes. Speaking on what it’s all about, Mod Sun says: “‘Perfectly Imperfect’ is a self-love anthem about embracing yourself and your differences. We are all special. I’ll never be exactly like my idols and heroes and that’s amazing because I am ME! Also, it’s summertime and all we are hearing is sad songs…the world needs some happiness right now.”

Listen to Mod Sun’s new single “Imperfectly Perfect” below.

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