What’s Going On: MØ, Trixie Mattel, Preston Pablo, Ike Rhein, Jamie Ray

In this week’s edition of What’s Going On, we’ve got the hottest new releases from MØ, Jamie Ray, Ike Rhein, Trixie Mattel, and Preston Pablo. Truly a global affair! As always, if you dig what you hear, be sure to stream and follow the artists.

– Danish pop disruptor MØ has teamed up with internet darling Rebecca Black for a new version of her single “New Moon.” The original can be found on MØ’s third album Motordrome, which was released earlier this year. While the triumphant sentiment of the song about new beginnings is still very much intact, it’s been given a radical hyperpop makeover. Why Rebecca Black for this “New Moon” update? According to MØ: “New Moon” is a song about manifesting a new era, a song about regaining control. Rebecca Black fit so perfectly into this energy and I love what she brought to this song. I also just adore her & it was so much fun to collaborate on this!”

Listen to the updated version of MØ’s single “New Moon” ft. Rebecca Black below.

Trixie Mattel – Winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars Season 3, Trixie Mattel, is out now with her new single “C’mon Loretta.” The ode to country music legend Lorretta Lynn is the latest taste of what’s to come from Mattel’s forthcoming The Blonde & Pink Albums due out this June. With its tinges of garage rock and alt-country, “C’mon Loretta” stands out from the pre-fab club tracks we’re used to hearing from Drag Race contestants. What sound was the drag superstar going for with her new single? Trixie Mattel says: “I wanted this song to be a fun little ditty, like The Strokes-meets-the story of Loretta Lynn. For the video, I really wanted to give a nod to women’s tennis, something I discovered and fell in love with on a very hungover day. Sometimes the best ideas come from a hangover!”

Listen to Trixie Mattel’s new single “C’mon Loretta” below.

Preston Pablo – Canadian crooner Preston Pablo is out now with “Flowers Need Rain”, his major-label debut single. And he’s not alone; the track also features Montreal production duo Banx & Ranx, best known for their work with Dua Lipa, Rêve, and J Balvin. With its lush production and infectious melody, “Flowers Need Rain” is a great first taste of what’s to come from this new chapter in Preston’s career. How do Banx & Ranx feel about working with Preston Pablo? They say: “We are so proud and grateful to develop an artist like Preston. The work we do with him challenges us to go outside of our comfort zone while pushing him to do the same. The fact that he’s Canadian makes it even better since we are striving to help create more Canadian superstars!”

Listen to Preston Pablo’s single “Flowers Need Rain” ft. Banx & Ranx below.

Ike Rhein – Miami-based pop sensation Ike Rhein originally released his single “Messed It Up” with Luh Kel earlier this year, but now the talented 20-year-old is showing the world another side of himself with a stripped-back acoustic version of the song. Backed up just by gorgeous piano accompaniment, this new rendition of “Messed It Up” proves that Ike Rhein has the vocal chops to take him very far. What’s “Messed It Up” all about? Ike Rhein says: “There will always be a chance to find love or ‘the one,’ if you will. The hardest part is that sometimes you’ll never know if someone is right for you until you realize someone was wrong for you.”

Listen to the acoustic version of Ike Rhein’s “Messed It Up” below.

Jamie Ray – The country and hip-hop worlds have been converging for quite some time now. Turn on any contemporary pop-country radio station and you’ll hear countless acts flirting with hip-hop sounds; look no further than the huge success Lil Nas X had with country aesthetics on “Old Town Road.” With all that said, it makes perfect sense that the Florida-born country rapper Jamie Ray is buzzworthy right now. His Southern drawl and music that combines banjos with 808 beats have caught fire on TikTok and now he’s out with his new single “STICKS.” With lyrics like “country boy from the mud, got my money up”, Jamie Ray is letting you know exactly what he’s all about with this one. Having gotten a co-sign from Young Thug and features from acts like Lil Baby and NBA YoungBoy, it seems that Jamie Ray could be the real deal. 

Listen to Jamie Ray’s new single “STICKS” below.

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