What’s Going On: Maggie Rogers, Izzy-S, almost monday, Netta, Hollis

Sundays mean a brand new edition of What’s Going On. This week, we’ve got the latest and greatest from Maggie Rogers, Hollis, almost monday, and Netta. Plus, a hot track from Izzy-S – a Montreal rapper on the rise. As always, if you dig what you hear, be sure to stream and follow the artists.

Maggie Rogers – Songwriter, performer, and all-around creative powerhouse Maggie Rogers has a new album on the way. Surrender is due out on July 29th and the first of what’s to come from the forthcoming album is the soaring single “That’s Where I Am.” Combining the emotive vocals and introspective lyrics that listeners have come to love along with glittering electronic elements, “That’s Where I Am” feels like a major step forward. What inspired “That’s Where I Am” and Surrender? According to Maggie Rogers: “That’s Where I Am” is a story I’d been carrying around for many years, the story of a love that had been with me and unfolding for a long time.  A lot of the events that Surrender chronicles take place in New York City. In the stark solitude and distance of covid, it was the backdrop for all my claustrophobic fantasies. The proximity and pleasure of just staring at strangers. The way a night could unfold.” If that doesn’t get you hooked, I don’t know what will!

Listen to Maggie Rogers’ new single “That’s Where I Am” below.

Izzy-S – Quebec rap is where it’s at. Izzy-S, born Stanley St-Fort, is one of the acts from the Montreal hip-hop scene that is poised to blow up in a major way. “Semelles Rouges”, which translates to “Red Soles”, stands as a major warning to any detractors looking to get away, telling them that he can get “violent like a Chicago gang.” With his powerful delivery, Izzy-S sounds right at home over the track that clearly pulls inspiration from the drill movement. The accompanying Eli Brown-directed music video further solidifies that Izzy-S is one to watch regardless of whether or not you speak French.

Listen to Izzy-S’ new single “Semelles Rouges” below.

almost monday – Warmer weather is right around the corner and with that, California-based alt-pop trio almost monday have got the perfect song for you. The upbeat track about the feeling of a summer fling is irresistible and thanks to the awesome vocals from Dawson Daugherty, you can practically feel the sun rays shining on you as you listen. If the name almost monday doesn’t sound familiar to you, there’s a good chance that you’ve heard some of their songs already. Their previous singles “cool enough”, “hailey beebs” and “live forever” all amassed millions of streams and caught on like gangbusters with the TikTok crowd. 

Listen to almost monday’s new single “sunburn” below.

Netta – Israeli pop singer-songwriter Netta exploded onto the scene by winning the 2018 Eurovision song contest for her home country and her momentum hasn’t slowed down since. After going viral with her hits “Toy”, “Ricki Lake” and “CEO”, her latest release “I Love My Nails” is sure to replicate that same success. This isn’t a superficial ditty about nails and nail art, there’s a deeper meaning at play. Explaining what “I Love My Nails” is all about, Netta says: “Loving your nails is about loving yourself. Painting and building my nails is self-care for me. It’s my color therapy. It helped me this year with rejection and put the color back in my life. I paint a picture of myself on them. I put my heart on my sleeve, they say, so I put mine on my nails.”

Listen to Netta’s new single “I Love My Nails” below.

Hollis – Artist-activist Hollis is out now with “Bloom Indigo” featuring fellow LA-based performer Dresage. The dreamy indie-pop reflects on building yourself up and the uncertainty of growth. Accompanying the song is an animated video directed by Jamie Wolfe. The colorful aesthetics with floral imagery perfectly compliment the airy track. Discussing what inspired “Bloom Indigo”, Hollis says: “The origin of this song started by reading Women Who Run With the Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estés — inspired by being in the desert, alone, and thinking about the role that solitude and space plays on being a woman finding herself and her voice. We love a reflective banger!” Hollis’ debut album Subliminal is due out on May 6th.

Listen to Hollis’ new single “Bloom Indigo” featuring Dresage below.

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