Outrun Collectibles Presents Figure Friday: Marvel Legends X-Men + More

Presently, I am taking a break from drilling holes in my TV stand to write this column. The PS5 is large enough to be an affront to god, ugly as sin, and I absolutely refuse to stand that thing on its side because that somehow makes it look worse. This opening paragraph was brought to you by the 1%.

Luckily, the rest of the column about toys is brought to you by the fine folks Outrun Collectibles, a super cool and CANADIAN online toy store! If you use code BIFFBAMPOP you can get 15% off your order! Check it out!

Marvel Legends X-Men

Heck, you may even want to use that code I mentioned about to order some of these new X-Men toys that debuted this very week! It’s a mixed bag of a line with some personal favorites of mine along with some..real questionable ones. Listen, I’m sure there are a handful of a handful of people that are rejoicing over finally getting a new figure of Maggot but I’m not one of them. The 90s were such a confusing time to be a comics fan because every month brought a new and gritty character with a mysterious backstory which, to me, culminated with the introduction of Maggot. As I recall it they introduced the character, the creative team changed and so did the way the character was depicted. I’m not about to consult the X-Men wiki but I think he was quietly written out and/or showed up again to get killed off by a writer with a vendetta.

But now you can own a toy of him! 

As for me, the figures I have my eye on are Wolverine, Havok, and Siryn. The Marvel Legends design team really lucked out with the current Wolverine body since this is the third or fourth time they’ve slightly retooled it. It’s also worth noting that this version comes with his (sigh) “hot claws” that he inexplicably had when he came back from the dead. I’m using inexplicably here because in the mini-series in which he returns they never bothered explaining why he had them. They ended up explaining it in another mini-series (that I didn’t read) and long story long his claws were back to normal by the next X-Men relaunch. I was hoping he’d be packaged with some alternate hands with his regular claws but, alas, it looks like I’ll be getting out the model paint in the near future.

We also have a very solid version of Havok complete with “cosmic energy” effects! For my money the younger Summers brother has one of the most iconic and best looking costumes in comics. Much like Wolverine’s classic yellow and blue costume it’s one that you don’t need to mess with too much and there’s a reason they come back to it time and time again. While writing this I’ve noticed the character doesn’t have weird metal neckpiece on his costume, which may be a deal breaker for some. But not me! This is probably the best Havok figure we’ve gotten to date so it’s worth picking up.

Also, of note are the classic Sabertooth figure which has never really gotten the proper Marvel Legends treatment. So now you can snag one for your Iron Fist figure to fight! Siryn is also a welcome addition for those of you who are hoping to round out the team from Peter David’s later X-Factor series.

All figures can be preordered here at Outrun Collectibles.

Import Report

Rest easy, readers… I haven’t completely given up on my love of mid-to-highend import figures! Admittedly, I was breathing easy at the start of the year because I had nary a Figuarts or MAFEX on preorder and it looked to be smooth sailing for my bank account.

That was until MAFEX unveiled their Batman: Hush Nightwing and Figuarts released their newest Doctor Strange figure.

Long time readers of this column may remember that I am a recent MAFEX convert. I haven’t gone all in just yet, mind you but I’ve found that their comic book adaptation figures are pretty dang great. This Nightwing looks just like he did when drawn by Jim Lee in the Hush storyline. It also makes all previous Nightwing figures look like CRAP. I think that after I acquire this figure I will never need another Nightwing figure again. The usually terms and conditions apply, the figure comes with a ton of interchangeable hands and accessories and I’ll have to wait until at least December for it to come in.

Sometime last year I picked up a Figuarts Infinity War Doctor Strange and I foolishly believed that I had solved my Doctor Strange problem. He had appeared in four MCU movies all with the same costume…and it was a good costume too! It was close to the original comics version but with the added MCU “real world” flair. But, of course, with The Multiverse of Madness set to come out this year they gave his duds a bit of a refresh and somehow made them look closer to the comic without looking ridiculous (Don’t think I’ve forgotten those yellow gloves he was sporting in Thor: Ragnarok…because I haven’t). I’m going to blame director and admitted Doctor Strange fan Sam Raimi for this. This figure is scheduled to be out in June.

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