Line Up For Excitement & Execution With ‘Suicide Squad: Blaze #1’ On The Wednesday Run

Thanks to two action-packed, big-budget movies and one strangely fun and irreverent HBO Max television series, pretty much everyone knows who the Suicide Squad is.


A few years back, no one outside of comic book readers knew who the Squad or it’s numerous disposable characters were.

Sure, over the last decade or so, adding the cray-cray character of Harley Quinn to the roll-call sure helped in the comic book’s popularity and sales, but it was David Ayer’s 2016 film (that many forget grossed nearly $750 at the box office!) and 2021 James Gunn-directed stand-alone sequel, along with his Peacemaker HBO spin-off series, that really brought the crazy concept and the off-beat B, C, and D-list characters to the rest of the world.

Harley Quinn and Peacemaker? Captain Boomerang? King Shark? All A-listers?

Well, if they aren’t already…you can argue that they’re getting there. And today’s release of Suicide Squad: Blaze #1 under the DC Comics darker, harder-hitting, more sophisticated Black Label publishing banner, gives those characters a further step towards cementing both themselves and the Squad into can’t-miss, grade-A, prime pop culture action!  

Energetically written by Simon Spurrier (John Constantine: Hellblazer, The Dreaming, Star Wars: Doctor Aphra, X-Force) and lavishly illustrated by Aaron Campbell (John Constantine: Hellblazer, Infidel), Suicide Squad: Blaze is a 3-issue miniseries, that, under the Black Label banner, allows for a crazy concept to push the envelope of “I can’t believe that just happened!” even further. Reuniting the duo of Spurrier and Campbell after one of the greatest, most affecting turns on John Constantine in recent history, was an inspired choice for this rag-tag-group of villains and rogues turned G-Men in a bid to save the world.

Here, Harley Quinn, Captain Boomerang, King Shark and Peacemaker are assigned to nursemaid five deadly recruits on a mission to stop a sadistic metahuman who has the powers of Superman – but none of the humanity. Problem is, the new recruits, all government experiments, have powers of their own…and six months to live. Suicide, to them, means nothing. And neither do any of the Squad’s members!

Make the run to your local comic book shop today and join the juicy characters and the anarchic mayhem that is Suicide Squad: Blaze #1!

Duty? Mayhem? Death? You can’t even know how this will all end!

Well, death, sure.

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