From the House of Ideas: “Marauders #27” is a Shipshape Finale to Gerry Duggan’s run

Last week I wrote about Inferno and the final sendoff for Jonathan Hickman’s time as the Head of X. Well, another X-series is experiencing some changes, as the current team of Marauders that have been featured in for the last few years is being shaken up.

Up until this point, the team has been led by Kitty/Katherine/Kate Pryde, and consisted of Pyro, Storm, Iceman, and Bishop (oft times with assistance from Emma Frost, The White Queen). A strange group of bedfellows, under the watchful guidance of writer Gerry Duggan, Marauders has been one of my favourite X-Men titles since the line was relaunched back in 2019. Its mixed a ton of action with Hellfire Club intrigue, all while putting Kate Pryde at the forefront. Duggan’s writing has done a lot to mature the character, one of the few in comic history to really grow up before our eyes.

Maruaders #27 brings the current line-up and series to an end, with Iceman, Pyro and Storm leaving for their own personal explorations. While Bishop is sticking around with Kate for the series, to be spearheaded by writer Steve Orlando, all we know about the new line-up is that Cassandra Nova, Charles Xavier’s sister and one of the most powerful bad guys in X-history, is going to be a focul point of the next iteration of Marauders.

There have been so many X-titles since 2019, and with Marauders always a highlight, I’m genuinely bummed to see Gerry Duggan leaving the book. If you haven’t read his run, it’s defnitely worth checking out; even this final issue isn’t a bad place to start, since it not only wraps things up, but it sets up the next volume. And while it’s sad to see Duggan say farewell, Steve Orlando’s been doing excellent work with his Man-Thing and Darkhold books, so Kate and team are in good hands.

We’ll see what he comes up with when the new Marauders set sale in March.

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