What’s Going On: Dead Menace, Tierra Whack, Disco Dicks, The Crystal Method, Deco

In this week’s edition of What’s Going On, we’ve got the hottest new releases from Dead Menace, The Crystal Method, Deco, Tierra Whack, and Disco Dicks. Yes, Disco Dicks. We’ll get into what that’s all about a little bit later. As always, if you dig what you’re hearing, be sure to stream and follow these artists.

Dead Menace – You’ve seen them featured in What’s Going On at the top of 2021 with their song “Good Year” and now the Dead Menace boys are back with their new EP, Dance Routines. Brothers Kit, Jack, and Dan spent the lockdown honing in on the essence of Dead Menace and distilling it down to the 3 incredible songs that make up the project: “Magnetic”, “Dance Routines” and “Moving to Japan.” The harder-edged dance/rave sound suits the group and acts as a great vehicle for their really intricate pop melodies. Describing Dance Routines, the band says: “It’s the kind of music that lets you go inside yourself, to get psyched up and let the drama slip away, and have some fun.” We’ll be keeping an eye on what’s to come for the band, so stay tuned to What’s Going On for more Dead Menace coverage.

Listen to the new Dead Menace track “Magnetic” below.

Tierra Whack – Finally! Tierra Whack is back on the scene with her new EP, Rap? It serves as the follow-up to 2018’s highly acclaimed project Whack World. The 3-song EP shows that Tierra is still just as innovative as ever, proving why she’s one of the best and brightest artists currently in the game. The brilliant rapper has timing on her side as the new project dropped just ahead of her “Weird Hype And Creative Kids” 80s-inspired Vans collection. Speaking on her collaboration with Vans, Tierra Whack says: “It was an amazing experience to be able to take what I do with music and apply it to fashion. Making music is all about collaboration and it was great to work with Shirley and with Vans to give people a collection they can feel free in.”

Check out the new music video for Tierra Whack’s “Stand Up” below.

Disco Dicks – Dua Lipa may have introduced the world to the idea of Future Nostalgia, but Disco Dicks are going all the way with it. The Dutch duo describes their sound as being raw, dancy, dirty, hot, and hypnotic. Fusing retro funk and rock guitar with irresistible dance rhythms, there’s nothing lowkey about their new single “Undercover Lover.” What’s “Undercover Lover” all about? Well, according to Disco Dicks: “Undercover Lover is a crossover rock/club track meant to blend different people and musical styles together. The lyrics form a short story around a girl that likes to tease but is never giving it all, leading to lonely and heartbroken men in love.”

Listen to Disco Dicks’ new single “Undercover Lover” below.

The Crystal Method – Scott Kirkland, better known as The Crystal Method, is out now with his new single “Act Right” featuring Billy Dean Thomas and VAAAL. With 25+ years in the game, “Act Right” is proof that The Crystal Method isn’t slowing down anytime soon. The signature big beat sound that made The Crystal Method one of the top names on the electronic scene is still intact. Rapper Billy Dean Thomas really shines on “Act Right”, backing up their self-proclaimed title of the “Queer B.I.G.” Their witty and rapid fire raps not only ramp up the intensity on the track, it’s safe to say that they also add a bit of a cross-generational appeal. This one is sure to be a hit in the clubs.

Deco – After going viral earlier this year with their mashup of Bronski Beat’s “Smalltown Boy” and the Oasis classic “Wonderwall”, London-based pop band Deco is the talk of the internet again with their take on “Bittersweet Symphony.” In what they’ve become known for, Deco took the 1997 smash hit for The Verve all the way back to the 80s. Dripping in shimmery synths and with an infectious pulsating beat, the 90s Britpop anthem is fully transformed into a delicious synth-pop treat. Discussing the release of their new cover, frontman Max Kendall says: “We’re so excited to put out our first new music in over a year, and our first track released with Ultra Records. “Bitter Sweet Symphony” is an undeniable classic that reminds us of growing up, so we hope everyone enjoys our 80s-tinged, synth-pop take on it!”

Listen to Deco’s cover of “Bitter Sweet Symphony” below.

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